“Love hurts….

…the kids who have to watch their parents kissing.”

–From my 10 year old son (the one in the picture just below this post.)


  1. Funny! My boys always giggle and then say “gross!”

  2. ROFL!

    When my daughter had just turned 7, the following happened to us:

    “We went to the local trade-in used book store, and they were late opening so we were hanging out on the sidewalk. DH and I snuggled for a minute at one point, and kissed before he moseyed on away again. I turned around to Erin, who had this to say:

    “I hate it when you and Daddy kiss!”


    “Because it’s gross!”

    “But it means that Daddy and I are in looooove. Don’t you want Daddy and me to be in looooove?”

    (Look of indignance at this) “No. I want you to be married!” “

  3. That sounds like my 8-almost-9 yr old-she’s totally grossed out whenever we are affectionate-so of course we do what any good parents would do, we get all lovey just to spite her :)!

  4. Dh said one time (I’m not sure where he got it) that married couples should “make love” in the kitchen where the kids can see. Now, obviously, that just means a little hugging and kissing and doing thoughtful things for each other.

    It grosses our kids out too, but we just remind them how lucky they are that we like each other!

  5. My eldest (7) says “Awww” a lot (as in the “Aww that’s cute” way) but then again we are pretty lovey-dovey (even after 12 years!!!) so she’s used to seeing it. I hope she won’t get grossed out……

  6. My teens still don’t like it. I tell them that they are lucky to have parents who love each other.

  7. My daughter can’t stand it when my husband and I are affectionate in front of her. She thinks it’s just plain gross. Guess I felt the same way when I was a kid, though.

  8. LOL – we’re not there yet with a 3 and 2 year old, but when we get there they better brace themselves because my husband is very affectionate!