A Challenge (this one’s easy, though!)

Do you feel like I’m always giving you challenges?  Well, here’s one that is waaaaaaay easier than doing 30 Days of Nothing or writing out your Love Story.   I was challenged by Sara at A Shower of Roses to go to the picture files in my computer, find the 6th file folder, select the 6th picture, and post it!  Here’s the moment I found, my son’s 14th birthday in July. Of course I think the kids are adorable. That’s one of my 10 year olds and of course my 3 year old along with the birthday boy. I love the way my 14 year old has the 3 year old on his lap so that she can be more central to the action. This photo also reminded me how much I love my husband’s hands…

Anyway. If you decide to do this challenge, post a link to your blog in comments. It will be fun to see which random picture ends up on your blog!


  1. Here ya go! Fun!! :o)

  2. Hmmm …. maybe I need to leave the address in the comments? Just in case, here it is: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/kidzanddogs/601183/

  3. I took the challenge here at my blog. It turned out to be a birthday picture too. How funny!

  4. Well there is only one photo in my sixth fie, but I’ll post it any way. http://cooksomething-evenifitswrong.blogspot.com/2008/10/photo-challenge.html

  5. Mine is also a birthday picture — my then 2yo daughter playing with her cousin’s birthday presents.


  6. I had every intention of playing along but the pic turned out to be one of my foster baby:) But by checking it brought up all kinds of wonderful memories and feelings.

    Thank you!

  7. Found my picture – trouble was I’ve no recollection of what it was all about. I’m hoping it’s one my husband took. Ah, old age, memory loss, Sigh – Thank goodness for pictures.

  8. I will play along… let me go find the picture post it on the blog and then submit my comment!


    Okay done — it was a great picture of hubby!

  9. I played along. It was fun. You can see my picture at http://edwena-onlyonelife.blogspot.com/

  10. Here’s my picture. Thanks for the memories!


  11. we too are a compassion family but are not going on the DR trip. Our compassion kid does live there…would we be able to talk via email? Rebecca

  12. rebecca’s email : mojachahead@yahoo.com

  13. Gorgeous kids! My 2 miracles were born in Korea too 🙂

  14. Another birthday photo! My 31st, taken at our old house in Cambridge, England. I’m holding my third baby (a newborn). Thanks Mary. Lots of fun!!

  15. This was fun. I found a picture of 4 of my kids taken by my kids.

    My Photo

  16. Mary, I was so happy to see the photo I found!


  17. I was going to take the challenge, but the pic that qualified is of a dear friend about a month after his dad died, and he’s trying to give me a big ol’ smile, but his eyes were very sad …. so I dont want to post that lest he run across it. It’s only been a year.

    But it was a good challenge, and I’m glad it caused me to look up that pic.

  18. I’m a new blog fan! So here’s mine:


  19. Has to be the worst-quality picture I have on my computer. : )


  20. Click my name to take you to my picture–of my husband walking down a path with his fishing gear about 3 years ago. Fun!

  21. This is a fun one! I am uploading mine as I type. My little Ivy Mae a few years ago…

  22. What fun! I found your challenge through Melissa at Life Here…and decided to give it a try. Not the greatest photo I’ve ever taken, but it was fun going through the file and taking a trip down memory lane.


  23. I don’t have a blog (and that’s a good thing because I spend entirely too much time reading OTHER people’s blogs) so I can’t post a link. However, I looked at my pictures and it was my husband’s college graduation folder and the 6th picture was of him walking across the stage to receive his “diploma” (or, more accurately, the empty diploma holder). He is a non-traditional student that earned his degree through distance education and it was a great, great day!

  24. I took the challenge over http://www.imminent-chaos.blogspot.com. I have been reading forever but this is my first comment. I thought this challenge was too cute! We also got a birthday picture.

    Love your blog,

  25. How fun! Here’s mine

  26. Whew. I’m thankful it’s not a picture I’d be embarrassed to share. LOL!



  27. Great challenge.

    Here’s mine.

  28. I got here from PastorMac’s Ann. I am about to post the sixth photo in the sixth folder. I thought I’d better tell you before I got lost. Fun!


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