Day 29: Jumper cables

Today was a writing day for me.  I headed off to the coffee shop at 9 or so, and came home at 5.  When I got home, my wonderful hubby had run all the kids through their school, made tomato soup for lunch, got everyone to do their chores and them took them all for a dip in the pool.

One of the good things about the day was that I finally gotten 10 punches on my coffee shop punch card, so didn’t have to pay for the coffee today.

One of the bad things was that I accidentally ran down the battery in the car.  After asking about 6 people in and around the mini-mall area for jumper cables, the coffee shop kid, bless his heart, drove to HIS HOUSE and picked up his jumper cables, and came and got me going.  So that was a very good thing.

Another good thing was taking a walk this evening, just my hubby and I.

Meals Today

Breakfast:  Pancakes and grape juice

Lunch:  homemade tomato soup, cucumbers, crackers

Dinner:  Lentil stew, homemade bread from my momma, cucumbers, cookies

Tomorrow is the last day– amazing.  I think I did this wrong, because it didn’t even seem all that hard…

Two months of nothing…now that would be tough…


  1. I think out of necessity we will be continuing a little longer. Then, hopefully it will be habit and we won’t HAVE to do it again.

  2. Thank goodness for the coffee shop guy! That was really nice of him.

    We’re hoping to continue tightening our budget as we’ve seen a real difference in our grocery money savings.

  3. Oh my goodness! 6 people didn’t have jumper cables? OK, that sounds mean because you didn’t have them either. Not exactly what I meant by that.
    What I do mean is that I live in MN and to drive around in an 10 year old minivan means jumper cables. Actually it means in addition to jumper cables, we have one of those “quick jump” thingies that’s like a battery with jumper cables attached and you charge it up in the house and voila! instant happy starting car (especially in the winter, van-van hates the wintertime and generally busts the power steering line at least once, just for fun). The problem is that the things are like $40 and so hubby and I perpetually try to out-whine one another over it’s use. He usually wins because he works 70 miles away from home and I stay-at-home and homeschool. So I lose. But, I’ve got the trusty backup jumper cables and thank goodness people in rural MN generally are the helpful sort that stop to jump you, especially when you have little ones in the backseat.
    Glad you made it through the 30 days. I think it’s a great idea and it’s certainly helped us create new family financial goals so that we are spendthrift and pennywise. Thanks for making some noise about it so that others could try it out too!

  4. I am feeling a little like you. Boy, that wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I mention the 30 Day of Nothing to people and they look at me like I must be a saint or crazy. Then I tell them that it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would and they decide that I am definitely crazy.

    The whole experience has really given me a big wake up call. Clearly, if I don’t miss it, most of the stuff that I am buying, I an do without.

  5. Thank goodness for the coffee barista’s willingness to help. Glad you made it through your 30 days. I’ve enjoyed reading about your month. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ll say it again….I hope you share your first grocery store shopping trip with us.

  6. I didn’t do the 30 days of nothing but, I overspent on groceries a few weeks ago (found some really good meat sales) so I didn’t spend anything the following week. Then, I spent $60 of the grocery money on canning supplies (lids, some rings, lemon juice, sugar, etc. etc.) when I could finally shop so I only have a little bit that week. So, I am excited I get to do normal grocery shopping this week as well. 🙂
    I think taking cash is an interesting idea. I might have to try that to keep the budget in line better.

  7. How nice you can get a whole to do nothing but write. And how wonderful your hubby supports you in doing so. Yippee!!

  8. 1/2 way through 30 days of nothing, and it’s amazing how everyday I think of things I need to buy! I have splurged on food items though (did I really need the donuts?) Mid October I will be buying items I need to make Christmas gifts, but I am so tempted to shop now.

  9. God bless the coffee shop kid!! It’s so heartwarming when a young person goes out of their way to help someone.
    I’m glad you made it home re-charged!
    Although I didn’t take part of the 30 days of Nothing, it was amazing how ift affected my shopping. More importantly I was very diligent about using things I already had in the pantry and fridge.

  10. that is awesome about the coffee chop boy. Very glad it all worked out. What a month!

  11. I love to hear stories like the coffee shop kid going home for his jumper cables and rescuing you! But my recent favorite was the cookie in the mailbox story – I’ve shared that with 2 of my patients!

  12. A second month of nothing seems like a good idea, considering the price of gas and the current economy…I’d be interested, if you decide to do it.

  13. I am so proud for you! Are you going to post a final tally of $$ you saved? What an inspiration for the rest of us to give 30 days of nothing a try.