Day 24: No concern is too small

At lunch time today I told one of the kids to put cookies on a plate. She came back to me saying were were almost out of cookies. There were only 8, and there were 9 of us for that meal.

“That’s okay,” I said, with only the tiniest hesitation. “I don’t really need a cookie.”

A few minutes later I asked one of the kids to go grab the mail. In the mail was a small box containing –amazingly — one cookie. A sample from Kashi, that I had requested a couple weeks earlier. Proving once again that no concern is too small for God.

Also this morning my sister stopped by with a gallon of milk. Another sister had bought more than she needed before leaving on a trip, so we lucked out. She also brought some sugar that she had extra (her family isn’t eating sugar these days) and some pint jars from my mom, both of which will be perfect for making jelly tomorrow as I had planned. I remember lots of little things happening last time we did the 30 Days a couple years ago. I wondered then and I wonder again now how many times I’ve run to the store when really I should have just given God a little more time to meet our needs.

Meals Today

Breakfast: cold cereal, juice and milk
Lunch: Stir fry with cabbage, rice, cheese, and cookies
Dinner: Spaghetti, cucumbers, apples

One more week!


  1. That’s pretty amazing about the Kashi cookie from God. Though in my imagination, a cookie from God would be more like a double chocolate chip with M&M’s.

  2. What a lovely thought….. have I given God enough time to fill a need? Beautiful, Mary.

  3. You know that is so true. We are so busy “taking care of ourselves” that we forget to give God the chance. Thanks for slowing down enough to remind us all of this lesson, promise, and blessing.

  4. We’re in a tight financial spot right now, and I had wondered how we were going to afford new clothes for my rapidly-growing 2 year old girl. Then, in one week, we were given a box of shoes, 3 bags of clothes in the next size up, AND a $50 check out of nowhere.

    God is awesome.

  5. i seldom comment on other people’s blogs since i am from the other side (of the world) and i don’t want them weirded out, but this post just makes me wanna go outside right now, lift my face to heavens, feel the rain that is POURING, smile and shout Amen!

  6. REally good reminder about God’s provision. I haven’t done so well with my 30 days of nothing. I am trying it again in November. We leave Tuesday for Ethiopia…and to meet our little ones,,,, I keep thinking of something else I want to bring,,,and I wind up at Target. Ugh

  7. So, whose cookie was better? Yours or God’s? 😉

  8. It is amazing that if we are just patient, God does meet our needs. I need to remember, “everything in His time, not mine.”

  9. Funny – I posted about this today, too. It’s so reassuring that He cares about the little things that feel so important to us, isn’t it?

  10. When I was little ,our house was an ongoing 30 days of nothing:) It is AMAZING to think back about all of the times that God provided the little things. When something would come up that we needed and just couldn’t afford, she just lined us up by the couch and we kneeled to pray. I saw more answered prayers during those days as a child than I have in a long time. Somewhere along the way, I stopped trusting. Thanks for the reminder! Jenny

  11. Ahhh, you are so right. There have been a couple of times lately (when I should be doing your 30 DON) when I hoped and prayed no emergency would present itself. I am not as trusting in God as I should be. Your post got me a little closer to that…

  12. It really takes trust in God to commit to 30 days of nothing. In reality though, you get a lot more than nothing out of it. You have learned that God will always provide, and not just to “scrape by”, but sometimes giving us more than we deserve.

    I hope to try this sometime soon. It has been a real inspiration to me, to see you with 12 in your family. I have 6, so surely I could do it, right?

    My only concern is that my boys would eat me out of the house!

  13. I just started reading your blog. This is my first comment, but I had to tell all of you about the barbecue sauce. I stewed over it for weeks. It was a time where almost one dollar could buy something else, something not as frivlous as barbecue sauce. We had deer roasts in the freezer, I had really been wanting pulled beef sandwiches. After 3 weeks I put barbecue sauce on list the very next week i had stopped at a friends house. She had barbecue sauce in a bag with a few other things she had been wanting to bring over. Had I just waited one more week. Many more things have happened like this to us. I am so thankful to God for taking notice of the small things and reminding me he takes notice.

  14. Ah! Such wonderful examples of the Lord’s love and care for his children!!

  15. Wait a minute… I just dropped by and am siked to see our similarities. I am also an adoptive parent, a homeschooler (unschooler really), with an awesome hubby and a smokin’ camera (Nikon D300). I think I’ll drop by again ! Nice to meet you.

  16. Oh, and I met my hubby in 7th grade and began dating him when I was 15, engaged at 18, married at 21 – we are both now 35. The similarities continue 🙂

  17. I love God. He is so wonderful and I have always said its the small things in life that matter. I love it when God reminds us of his love with these small things. So many times I take for granted all the things that He does for me during the day. The other day my car was broken into, the only thing stolen were some cds. That afternoon I had a flat tire after work, the air compressor that could have been stolen sitting in the backseat was still there so I could use it to air up my tire.

  18. I had a fun surprise once right after a gave away a bunch of my cloth diapers to someone who really needed them. The very next day I received a bountiful supply of even nicer ones in the mail from my mother-in-law, who had never spoken to me about them and certainly couldn’t have known I was going to give some away the day before, because I didn’t even know!

  19. this post made me smile, it’s amazing how God provides

    When we just moved into our new house I realized I needed a dresser for the kids. Saturday, the day I had planned on buying a dresser I had someone coming to the house to fix the heater. The whole day I waited and no one showed up. I was unable to go out shopping and look for a dresser. When Sunday rolled around, I was in a bad mood and didn’t want to go to church. I wanted to go shopping instead for the dresser. But I went to church. As soon as I arrived at church someone told me they were getting rid of a dresser and asked if I wanted it! That day we brought it home and it was absolutely perfect! It still sits in the kids rooms today.

  20. Love the cookie story. Amazing. Really makes you stop and think.