Day 19: It’s a business expense

I have totally come to peace with my once a week coffee-shop coffee. It is my chance to write undisturbed and something I totally look forward to. This morning, however, my location was less than idyllic.

A couple of moms were using the shop for a chat, and their three little kids were racing around the coffee shop, zooming their cars and whooping it up. I am normally fairly tolerant of kid-noise– I’ve gotta be. But the coffee shop is my quiet place, darn-it-anyway. Noise I can get at home.

The mom must have seen my raised eyebrow when her kid drove his truck under my feet, because soon afterward she dragged her kid back to the other side of the coffee shop. I wasn’t hostile, but I was more than happy to see them go. I’m sure she never would have guessed that I have 10 kids myself.

Meals Today
Breakfast: Oatmeal with chopped apples
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes
Dinner: Lasagna, cabbage salad, and bread


  1. Wow, I feel your pain, today I found what I thought was a treasure, a quiet upstairs room of a coffee shop (I live in india) with quiet elevator music and couches right next to the window. As I was really starting to enjoy the peace and comfort, they turned on an old christmas song and blared it loudly, then they switched it to dance music and two people downstairs started yelling at each other (or they were just talking loudly it was hard to tell).
    I don’t think I’ve written a comment yet, but you are a mom who is truly inspiring to me.

  2. i feel ya. i live with my parents and 2 sisters, and with the house being small (and full of junk), i don’t have my own room. somehow, no matter how expensive a cup of coffee is, the peace and quiet i experience in coffeeshops are worth it. but, yeah, it doesn’t make my budget any good!

  3. ughh I soooo know what you mean considering some neighbors had a get together and even though there was only 7-8 people over there everything echos in our neighborhood and with the windows open it sounded like they were in my house!! Then this morning I woke at 8am to some screaming little girl in my backyard. We live on the lake so some people will take their kids back there to fish. Not fun.

  4. I feel your pain. Peace can be so hard to find and we know when we have it that it is like a bubble that will quickly pop. No one should be so mean as to pop it before its time.

  5. Hi Mary! I hear you re: needing some quiet time when you can get it:) You love your children, but need to have just a smidge of time alone to recharge every once in a while…I think you’re a machine! I have 3 children and am constantly feeling burnt out! I am still carrying around your recipe for the apple muffins…trying to find the time…how on earth do you do it?!!! Take care:)

  6. I try to get away once a week. It’s funny how kid noise can be so unpleasant when you only have a short window of time to have that peace and quiet. I had a similar experience at my favorite reading/coffee spot. Last spring, when I really needed that time, tons of college students were using MY oasis to study for their darn finals. I was like, hey… you have libraries, don’ t you???

  7. Funny you bring this up…I had the same experience on Friday as well…except instead of being noisy, the little one started coming up and poking me, while I was working away on my computer. NOOOO!!! Like you, I prize my brief moments where I can work in peace and quiet. I looked over at the mom, who was quickly defensive. Sigh. Just trying to write folks. I come in peace!