Day 11: A great swap

Yesterday I got an email from my mom, suggesting a swap. She wanted one of the pumpkins out of our garden and said she’d trade it for the use of her Foley-type food mill plus a loaf of bread. Perfect. I have lots more apples to process, and I’m out of bread again. When I got to her house, she also had a casserole for us– a very yummy chicken/apple/wild rice/curry concoction that I MUST get the recipe for, because the kids loved it.

Breakfast: cold cereal, apples and orange juice
Lunch: Leftovers: pot pie + chicken curry casserole, bread and pumpkin pie
Dinner: Tuna Tomato Pasta with Sage, plus tomatoes, apples and cucumbers

We didn’t go to the store. My 10 yo daughter is going through withdrawal because she loves to shop. She says this month is going very very slow. More later. I am trying to finish that canning how-to post which is turning out to be way more work than I thought.


  1. That’s so funny! My daughters (3 and 7) both are going through grocery store withdrawl! What is it about being surrounded by miles of food on shelves that is so comforting? That reminds me of being at my grandmother’s house as a child–she ‘put by’ so many things and had one of those gargantuan ancient freezers filled with frozen good things from her garden. And frozen pie. Ahhhhh, blissssss……

  2. Hooray for moms! They always know what you need.

  3. Chris from Canada says:

    Oh please do share that recipe from your Mom should you get it. It sounds wonderful!!!


  4. Mary, I’m really enjoying reading about your 30 days of nothing. I enjoyed it last year too and it’s neat to see how you are doing it with two more mouths to feed. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am in love. With your blog. With your family. And I am utterly unsure of why it has taken me this long to find you.

    I just spent two hours devouring every single one of your posts for the last three months and if I didn’t have other responsibilities, might read on til the very beginning.

    Your profile info could be mine- except with less kids. I’m only on my third so far…

    VERY excited to ‘know’ you, or at least, ABOUT you!

  6. What a brilliant idea to swap!

  7. I have just “discovered” you and your blog and have read through your first 11 days of 30 days of nothing – what a terrific concept. Now if I can only convince my husband that we should have a go at it…. I am looking forward to reading about your last 19 days, as well has having a browse through all our previous posts.

    The thing that has struck me the most about your first 11 days of nothing has been just how much God has provided for you exactly at your time of need. Amen and Praise the Lord.

  8. When you do get the recipe, I’d love to see it. I make a mango chicken curry that my kids adore, so this one seems right up our alley.

  9. sarah loten says:

    Mary, could you write more about the home schooling that you are doing with your kids? I would love to hear more about how the older kids have adjusted, if language is an issue, how you juggle the different ages/needs. I know you have talked about this in the past but home schools are constantly changing and it would be great to hear an update. Thanks for all your writing!

  10. Yes! Please share that recipe! Sounds great! I’m trying my best not to envy your garden! I’ve made a small start at growing some spinach and mixed greens. We’ll see how they turn out! But I do enjoy reading about your garden. The Lord knows I’d be overwhelmed with such a task!

  11. I’d love to see that recipe too!! 🙂