Dr. Mary

I have written often about Dr. Mary, the wonderful American doctor who is doing great work in the poverty-stricken area of Ethiopia where two of my daughters were born. Recently she went to Kenya to get a diagnosis for her abdominal pain. Unfortunately they found she has advanced cancer and has been given only a short time to live. She will be returning to the US for treatment very soon. If you are so inclined, please pray for her and for her family. Pray for the people to whom she ministers. Also pray that workers will step forward to continue her work in Wollaitta, Ethiopia. Her legacy is one of great compassion. My three year old daughter is well and healthy and happy –and here in my arms — because of Dr. Mary.


  1. Praying.

  2. Many prayers for her and for her work to continue.
    Heather BT

  3. Praying

  4. Praying to the Mighty Healer.
    May her ministry continue.

  5. Here I am in NZ – I’ve got up early, sitting in the dark reading your news about Dr Mary.

    I don’t know what to say – through your posts about Dr Mary, I have so admired her and the amazing work that she does.

    I hope that her ministry continues and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.


  6. (I’m also in NZ)

    So sorry to hear about this. I have been so inspired to do things for the poor by reading about her and other great people. Thanks for sharing about her life. I hope she recovers. And boy we need more workers like her in the world!

  7. This is so, so sad. Prayers sent for her healing and for her work to be continued.

  8. Oh no. I will add her to my prayers too.