Today is very difficult. Our 12 year old is being terribly volatile, probably in relation to her seizure meds, maybe also in part due to her one-year-home anniversary yesterday. I called the neurologist who promptly took her off the Keppra, but it will take awhile to get out of her system and sort everything out. In the meantime I am just sick over the stress all our other children are enduring. Oh, and probably the seizures will come back too. I must trust that God has a good plan, but I am very raw today, very low, very discouraged, and I would greatly appreciate any prayer.


  1. Sending prayers your way.

  2. Mary,
    Remember ,”Mothers hold their childrens hearts in ways the world can never erase!” Everything you put into her will stay forever! Healing is so hard for our children and so hard to watch and be part of at times. May god lift you up and give you grace and peace and healing for your daughter.

  3. I just spent time before the Father on your behalf. I will continue to lift you and your daughter up into God’s sovereign care.

  4. I’m sorry your week has been so rough. I’m glad the change in meds seems to be helping.

    I’ll still be keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.