Under the yellow moon

When I sat down to write this post, out of habit I clicked on the bookmark that would open a new post on my old blog. Felt like a traitor when I closed that link and came here instead. Ah well…I’m thinking I’ll use the old blog still, now and then, to post a product review. So he won’t be utterly neglected. Strange how a blog can begin to feel like a pet.

This evening I am sitting here on the pool deck–Hubby strung rope lights– oh, here, I’ll put up a picture so you can enjoy it too. Isn’t it pretty?

So we’re sitting out here under the pool umbrellas chatting and reading. I feel well and truly spoiled to have such a set-up. Then again, with the amount of craziness that goes on around here during daylight hours, this quiet time under the stars with my hubby is very much appreciated.

But even now, all is not entirely tranquil. My husband currently has a wrist rocket resting on his knee and a cup full of marbles at the ready. A neighbor dog has been raiding our trash every night, you see, leaving a huge mess in his wake. My husband has determined that this is the evening to exact justice. Or at least whip the dog in the butt with a few marbles so he’ll head home a little quicker than usual.

Yeah. Good times here at the Owlhaven.


  1. The marbles and rocket sound tranquil! I hope you have a camera ready to capture the action!
    Lovely photo of the pool by night, Mary. I can just imagine you sitting out there listening to the sounds of the night.

  2. Ah, yes, the wrist rocket as critter deterrent.
    We had to use ours when a groundhog kept getting into the compost bin. It really liked watermelon rinds.

    Although we used gum balls as the projectile. It hurts when it lands, but then gets soft if we didn’t find them all in the morning.

    Your poolside retreat looks lovely. Nice low light shot, too.

  3. I know what you mean. When I moved my blog, I would go back and look at the old one, and kind of miss it. I thought I was just a freak.

    Not that you’re a freak.

    But, if you are, Mary, you’re not alone.

    Anyhoo. I’ve got your new address all changed in my feed and blogroll. 🙂

  4. LOL when I read this, there’s always something that needs to be done

    your deck lighted up just looks so peaceful

  5. Hey Mary what a sweet set-up you have here, and the pool looks delicious and tranquil. Here in Missouri we are getting record high scorching temps (what’s new? It’s August in Missouri!). A dip in the water would be a treat. Although, now that I think of it, I’ve sort of had my fill of water what with all the flooding and such! ugh…but a pool, ok maybe I can do that 🙂 (now where did I put that swim suit?)

  6. I’m adoring your pool set up! I can’t only imagine how nice it is to sit out there at night, wrist rockets and all!! 😉

  7. When he’s done having his fun with the dog can you send him to my house? I have some crazy squirrels who chew through $75 heavy duty trash cans just so they can decorate my garden with dirty diapers and rotting food.

    On the other hand….maybe your neighbors dog likes crazy squirrels? Solves both our problems. LOL

  8. My husband has been known to toss marbles at possum.

    This made me laugh…