Review- Conditioner for curly hair

Since a lot of adoptive families read this blog, I wanted to mention a discovery we made recently for our Ethiopian daughters’ hair. It is TRESemme’ Curl Moisturizing conditioner, and it is an excellent leave-in conditioner for all my girls’ hair, from the soft gently curly hair of my 10 year old to the very thick very curly hair of my 12 year old.

I am perhaps most thrilled with it for my 3 year old daughter. She has soft curls but LOTS of hair and not tons of tolerance for getting it brushed out. I washed her hair the other evening and was dreading the comb-out. Her hair had been in a single, quickly brushed braid for about 4 days and I knew it would be snarled. But I washed it and conditioned it, leaving a generous amount of the conditioner in afterwards, and was thrilled to be able to get her hair quickly and very thoroughly combed without one complaint from her.

I have tried literally dozens of hair products for my African American girls, and this is Good Stuff. Added bonus: it’s only $3.84 for 32 oz at Walmart.


  1. Thank you for the tip. I’m assuming it will work for African American boys. I have two I’ve adopted and like you have tried several things and never been able to find anything that works. I’m going to run out to Walmart and pick me up a bottle.

  2. My granddaughter has curly hair and hates having it brushed. Whenever she spends the night I was her hair and condition it in the tub or shower, then I run a brush thru it while the conditioner is still in it, then rinse. it makes it so much easier to brush when she gets out. might help!

  3. I brush my little girls’ hair in the bath too…then I leave some of the conditioner in after washing to make it even easier after they get out. The thing I like best about this conditioner is that it has the right amount of slickness/wetness without leaving lots of residue or getting sticky.


  4. I dealt with that with my boy — who got the, uhm, as my mom always called it — that “(expletive deleted) curly hair from me. His hair would always snarl and yeah I understand…mine does too but only if I don’t brush it. I don’t have terribly curly hair, what with the Irish/Italian background but it is still curly — and I have had women come up and envy my (::blushing::) “perfect” curls as they all curl exactly the same way and don’t usually go frizzy except in the summer…and it’s always humid here in Missouri!

    I will try that stuff…for me…as my boy is 15 now and lives with his father.

    My daughter got the really straight hair somehow, but she has the hair you can do anything with. It will go straight, and it will take a beautiful curl. I just look like a little drowned rat with straight hair so I won’t even go out in public after she comes at me with the straightener LOL

    so yeah…I will try some of that. Thankx

    you rock!

  5. Will give it a try. Thanks!

  6. I’ve been so nervous about this part of adopting from Ethiopia and am glad for the tips!

  7. Oh, I’m gonna run right out and get some of this. The pool chems are making Bean’s hair even more gnarly than usual and we’re running out of gummy bear bribes and patience around here!