Food prices in Ethiopia.

Some of you were wondering what food prices are like in Ethiopia right now. Teff, the grain used to make Ethiopian flatbread is horribly expensive right now. It used to be about $30 USD for 220 lbs. Now it is $110 for 220 lb. Bananas are 50 cents US for 2.2 lbs. Lentils are $1.40 US for 2.2 lbs.

Then to put it into perspective, Sophie says her housekeeper makes about 30 cents per hour. Some men working near her house building a wall make about $1.50 a day. And the people with jobs are the lucky ones.

The food drive is up to $265.45. You have until midnight to donate so I’ll have time to get the money to my folks before they leave on Thursday.

One other thing that Dr. Mary needs is a good reliable tympanic thermometer. She’d really like to have one with sturdy enough covers that she could use one for several patients before throwing the cover away. If you would like to meet this need of hers, you can paypal me the money and designate it for the thermometer. It would also be helpful if someone could recommend a good reliable brand of thermometer.


  1. It’s fun to hear the updates. When I was living with Dr. Mary I helped her with the food distribution and I’m so glad people are giving!

    I really need to show my husband the price list you have up. We haven’t heard from his family in a while and only had a vague idea of price increases. I can get lentils here in the States for almost that price, so people must really be suffering in a place where incomes are so much, much smaller. 🙁

  2. Claudia says:

    Thanks for the update Mary. Unfortunately food prices worrldwide have increased dramatically in the last few months. I recently took my duaghter’s girl scout troop to help pack food at Feed My Starving Children (a non-profit here in MN that sends food all over the world to children in need). In the 20 years that they have been doing this their cost to make each bag (one meal for 6 people) has remained the same. Because of the recent price increases they have had to increase the cost of one bag by 2 cents- seems trivial until you consider that they pack and send over 50 millon meals a year. Then price for a 2000lb bag of rice went from $340 USD at the beginning of the year to $900 this summer. I prey that we, a nation of extreme wealth, will see our need to help those in Ethiopia and other countries to get their basic necessities. YOu can read an article about the effects of the drout in Ethiopia here:$sectionName

  3. I think you are right. And that’s crazy! But also besides the food prices, water is also important. I know that some places do not have accessibilty to water.
    That reminds me of a project Unicef is doing, partnership with Volvic to raise awareness and provide water to the children of Ethiopia in their drink 1 give 10 campaign drink..1give (take you the first two dots) . I think more companies brand should be involved in saving the world and fighting agains poverty.