6:30 PM

$555.67!! Woohoo!

Also today I got this email from Dr. Mary.

Thanks so much for the money that you sent with Sophie, to help with the famine relief. She gave it to me on Wednesday afternoon. The next morning I bought 200 kg of dried corn and arranged to transport it up the mountain to feed the poor there. The trip will be next Sunday, after my employee interviews the poor, distributes cards to them, and arranges for a meeting point on the premises of a church. I’m hoping to also bring high-protein supplements to feed some of the malnourished children on site. It doesn’t pay to send special food home because the kids who need it are the weak ones and the strong ones take it away from them. Even if it’s only occasionally, it’s best to feed them under my watchful eye and not allow them to leave until they are done.

That particular area is extremely impoverished because of very strong residual witchcraft practices. This affects even the Christians in the area.

Sophie went with me to clinic at a remote area on Wednesday. It was a delight to have her. She was helpful to me and also I enjoyed clinical teaching. She got some good pictures.

Thanks for being part of this with your gift.

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes to know that Dr. Mary stays with the children and makes sure they get the nutrients they need.