It’s A Feeding Party

OK, between urgings from readers and another letter from my sister talking about Dr. Mary’s feeding project, I’ve decided to throw another ‘party’ for poverty-stricken people in Ethiopia. Donations from this particular fundraiser will go to Dr. Mary’s feeding program. Below you can see a picture of her in front of the church, which also doubles as a medical clinic. My sister is tremendously impressed with all that Dr. Mary does for these people– she uses her own money to fund many of her projects. Sophie had this to say about the people that Dr. Mary feeds.

That “feeding program up in the mountains” is for literally the poorest of the poor. These people are kept in poverty by the witch doctors, who insist that their (expensive) spells and charms are the only things that keep their patrons alive and healthy. So, these people spend their money on witchcraft, and don’t have money for food. This desperate situation is compounded now by the loss of a whole crop due to drought. They usually have 2 crops during a rainy season, but they will be lucky to have 1 this year.

These people truly are in desperate need. Not only is there drought and terrible superstition – there have also been tremendous increases in food costs in Ethiopia. My folks leave for Ethiopia on July 3rd to work with Sophie and Dr. Mary. That doesn’t leave us much time, but if you would like to contribute to Dr. Mary’s feeding program, you can do so by adding money to my account ( owlhaven @ aol . com ) If you can do it by Friday at midnight, that should allow enough time to get it to my folks before they leave so they can personally deliver the money to Dr. Mary. Feel free to mention this party on your blog if you think your readers would like getting involved. Rising food costs are hurting people around the world, and affected the very most are the truly destitute.


  1. Sweet! Mary will be thrilled! 🙂 Sophie

  2. I would love to see the look on Dr Mary’s face when she receives this gift… What a blessing!

  3. Hooray–thanks Mary for doing this. Look for my pittance later today.

  4. I was excited to see this when I checked your blog this morning! I’ve just been to paypal 🙂

    Look forward to seeing how much your raise and I wish I could see Dr Mary’s work in person!

    Cheers, Wilm

  5. Thanks for promoting such a worthy project!

  6. Thanks for doing this… I have posted it on my blog as well.