Creeping crud

eww….I’m feeling not so good tonight. I think that sleeping with my coughing hubby and coughing 3 year old for the past few nights may be catching up with me. That and my horrid habit of staying up way to late. I’m off to bed. More later. Oh, but just a quick question: are any of y’all planning to go to the BlogHer conference July 18th and 19th?


  1. Jeanne A says:

    I’m just getting over it! I awoke this morning saying—I can still breathe!

    Hope yours is short lived, too. Enjoy the sunshine and take care of yourself!

  2. Chris Arni says:

    If it’s any comfort, Mary,I just came through this as well and it only lasted about 3 days. Stuffy nose and coughing mainly. Blessings to you, my dear!

    Chris in Ohio

  3. Sorry about the crud…

    And, yes, I’m going to BlogHer. Can’t wait!

  4. Oh Mary…I am sorry you aren’t feeling well! Take care of yourself and get some sleep!

  5. I am so bummed that I will miss it! I’ll be in Africa leading a short term missions team- so at least I’m missing for a good reason…

    But seriously- I live a 1/2 hour from San Francisco!

    I so wish I could be in both places at once!

  6. Hope you feel better- we call that the epizoodic. & no, I don’t even know what it is (& don’t have time to look it up right now) 😉

  7. I’m so sorry your sick! I was too, but am finally getting better. It only lasted a few days.

    Not going to Blogher, but wish I was. It sounds amazing. I’ll have to save it for another year. I just got my husband to accept the fact that people sometimes pay others to design their blogs. I’m not sure a conference would be in his scope of imagination yet.

  8. No