We did it!

We have a pool. It is an 18 foot above ground pool that we found on Craigslist. The people had it listed for $500. After we went to look at it, I asked them if they’d take $300, thinking maybe they’d counter and suggest $400. But they completely surprised me by saying they figured we had some work ahead of us– how about $250? Now there’s some nice people.

We’ve spent the last few days leveling ground and spreading sand and digging post holes– we’re putting in a deck as well. Yesterday we got the ‘bones’ of the pool put together to see how they lined up with the concrete blocks we’d put in to go under the posts.

The kids, as you can see, took the opportunity to go ‘swimming’. They were very disappointed when we told them we’d have to take it apart til we got the new liner. But I picked up the liner today, and we’re hoping to get the whole thing together and start filling it up on John’s next day off.

The kids are so excited they can hardly stand it. We are already plotting a joint pool party for the two kids who have birthdays in the next 3 weeks!


  1. I had to take a double take at your son in the orange shirt, he must be doing some kind of diving as he looks like he is headless. I bet there will have tons of fun we definetly dont regret getting ours.

  2. That is going to be so much fun. My inlaws have one, and my kids always have so much fun when they go to visit.

    Put a stout fence around it to keep the littles out. My in-laws have their deck fenced in and at the top of the stairs put a gate that locks.

  3. I grew up with a 18 foot round above ground pool….Ok so as soon as you have the water in there…You have to get everyone in there and have them “run” in the water around the the pool along the edge. With in a lap or two with 4 or 5 people you will have a really good whirlpool going. On the count of 3 have everyone turn around and go the other way….It’s a blast…..

  4. We had an above ground pool while I was growing up too. I can wholeheartedly recommend a solar cover. It will do double duty for you . . . keeping out unwanted “stuff” when you’re not swimming and warming up that water just a wee bit when the sun shines and you have to be away from the house.

    What a great deal, too! Love Craigslist.

  5. I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of that small investment!

  6. How fun! Your kids are going to “live” in their swimsuits!

  7. I’m with Kelly, I did a double take too! HAHA!

    We are moving and hoping that next summer we can enjoy a pool, I am going to start praying we find a fabulous deal as well!

  8. yay! 🙂

  9. We have lots of wonderful memories involving our above ground pool. We gave ours away when we moved into our current house only because our move was for an uncertain length of time, and the yard wasn’t big enough to accomodate it. We MISS that pool, especially in the Southwest where our temps are above 90 this week.

    We kept the ladder locked up in the garage whenever we weren’t using the pool, and taught our older son to never go near the pool unless mom or dad gave them permission and a grown-up was out there to supervise.

    I was babysitting nephews and a neice at the time, and they, too, knew the rules. If any one of them broke a rule, they would all be forbidden to swim, and the pool would come down for the rest of the summer. They knew it was serious business, and never, ever tested us in that.

  10. I love Craigslist. What a great deal you found! The kids are going to have a blast all summer.

  11. You will LOVE it! We had a 15 ft above ground for 4 years. We only went with an in-ground because we were moving and could tie it into our mortgage. You won’t ever regret it. As an added bonus, your kids will sleep like angels MUCH earlier than usual after a day in the pool 🙂

    My only word of caution: We had a fence around the pool (low garden fence with locking gate), but that did not prevent frogs and other wild-life from finding their way into the pool. Despite being nearly 5ft deep, we had quite the variety of critters that found their way in and were trapped (including a neighbor dog). I learned early to keep a “noodle” or something in the pool so that these little guys could survive until being rescued.


  12. how fun!! sure beats my ten dollar “splash” blow up pool on our deck. enjoy!!

  13. texasknights says:

    What a fun pic of the kids “swimming.” Have fun. I sure wish we had a pool down here in HOTLAND.

  14. Oh how fun! My kids would love a pool. This summer I’m dreaming of soaking my pregnant feet in the little plastic pool I get at Menards every year. We’re easy to please so far…