Yard sale #2 winners

Robin and Christy H. guessed the closest to the actual amount I paid for the most recent batch of yard sale items. They guessed $7.50 and $7.01. If you gals will email me your street address, I’ll send your Netflix one-month trial certificates your way.

I have to confess I was giving evil little chuckles as the guesses were coming in. You see, I didn’t tell you QUITE all the details about those items. I know that conventional wisdom says that the best yard sale bargains are found early in the day. But you can also get awesome prices by showing up at the tail end of a sale when people are looking at the heaps of stuff they have left and wondering what they will do with the leftovers.

The heap of stuff in the picture cost me $1 — yes, ONE buck –during a dollar-a-bag sale the last half hour of a church yard sale. The stuff by then was pretty well picked over, but I am confident I got my dollar’s worth in that bag! I’d love to hear other people’s best yard sale bargains.


  1. I saw an article in the paper today and thought of you. It was an associated press article talking about saving a few bucks on food. It recommends going to recipefinder.nal.usda.gov. It says it’s intended for food stamp and other nutrition educators but anyone can use it. You can search recipes by cost!

  2. My best yard sale bargain ever was a set of solid wood twin bunk beds. My husband and I bought them the first year we were married for $10 and put them in our guest room. Eight years later, they are now in my son’s room, and we get compliments on the set all the time.

  3. Well that was tricky!
    During a “dollar a bag” end to a school sale I was working, I was able to get some great kids clothes that somehow had gone unsold all day. Included was a little Hannah Andersson dress and a little girl’s smocked velvet dress that someone’s grandma probably paid $70 for at the department store.

  4. I just found my best yard sale item this past weekend. I bought a set of 4 Churchill dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 4 soup bowls plus one other set of dishes that offset the high dollar ones for $35. The best part is that I looked online to see what these Churchill dishes go for and the set is retired and one, yes 1 dinner plates was for sale for $25!! Yeah!! And I absolutely love the dishes. Hopefully none break and need to be replaced:0 I will blog about them later.
    Don’t you just love a good yard sale?:))

  5. Whenever I hold a garage sale I always have a “free” table, consisting of things I don’t think will sell, or things that are so odd I don’t know that anyone would really want them.

    This really builds good will with people—at first they are a little skeptical or surprised, but they “catch on” very quickly and it’s a lot of fun.

    In addition, if I see someone eyeing something, and they appear to be somewhat needy, I will add a bunch of stuff to the “free” table, including the thing(s) they appeared to be interested in.

    This really adds a lot to the “other side” of garage saling.

    Of course, when I go to them, I do my best to get great bargains, and get the seller to lower their price….
    all part of the fun!

  6. Wow, I was waaaayyyy off and you got a great deal!

    Not a lot of yard sales in our area, or I just get up too late for them.

  7. Ahh. That’s the catch!!! 🙂

    Good deals! 🙂

  8. I just had one of my best yard sale finds ever and blogged about it here.http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/my4sweetums/522951/ I really enjoy your blog.

  9. Our best yard sale find so far was an old metal Kendall motor oil sign we bought for 1 dollar. We were going to paint over it to make our own sign. good thing we didnt. We ended up not using it and sold it on e-bay for $250.00!! =0)