Yard Sale Finds– Contest #1

If you’re a long time reader, you may remember past posts where I share a picture of a morning’s worth of yard sales finds and you get to guess how much I paid. This time around I’ve decided to give actual prizes. The two people who guess closest to the price that I actually paid for these items will get one-month trial memberships to Netflix.com, a service that my family has had for quite awhile now. We just love it. So check out my picture, give your best, most-educated guess, and I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

This week’s haul of loot included two *large* boxes full of quart and pint canning jars, a couple of 10×13 picture frames, two nice life jackets (one NWT), 1 pair of jeans for my 3 year old, 3 pair of capris for my 5 year old, one pair of spotless new Levi Strauss jeans for me, one striped blouse for me, 1 each jeans, capris, shorts, and skirt for my 10 year old daughter, 6 excellent quality name brand shirts for my 10 and 12 year old daughters, 2 t-shirts for my hubby, and 3 t-shirts and a fleece jacket for my 13 and 16 year old sons. Oh, and the adorable red polka dot mesh bag at the top of the picture. That’s 27 items PLUS a whole mess of canning jars.

So what’s your guess?


  1. 23.60

  2. $19.25

  3. 18.75

  4. $19.50

  5. texasknights says:

    Happy Day!


  6. I guess 12.50

  7. i’m going to say $20.50.

  8. $40.01


    I have garage sale ENVY!!!

  9. Christy H. says:


  10. $18.17

  11. 14.50! I know you are a master garage-saler!

  12. $24.00

  13. Oh, my guess was taken. I wanted to say $13.50, but someone beat me to it.

    I’ll go with $13.75

  14. $14.25

  15. Kristen says:


  16. 11.25

  17. My guess is $30 even.

  18. 20.60

    Just finding your blog and loving it. How am I supposed to get any laundry done today when I have archives and archives to go through?

    5 children are going to be clothing-less tomorrow because of the cuteness of your blog. Better read fast.

  19. 29.50 is my guess!

  20. 23.25

  21. expectingamiracle says:


  22. $27.50

  23. Hmm… I wanted to say 13.75 but someone took that…. sooo… I’ll go with $14.10


  24. Oooh I love the annual guess how much yard sale posts!

    Because I know you are a super savy shopper, I’m going to guess low and say $11.00

  25. Hmmm…I am going to say $26.50. Oh, I hope I win. I have always wanted to to Netflix!

  26. $21.75

  27. How fun!

  28. I Love yard sales too!! I love finding great deals!! It shows that you find great deals also….My guess is….
    $24.50. God Bless 🙂

  29. $10.00

  30. I’m going to guess $21.00.