An interesting mix

Spoken by my 10 year old son this evening: “Mom, I’m going to save up my money, so I can pay all your bills. Then you can live in the middle of fountains and Bibles and new cars.”

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  1. 🙂

  2. that is so sweet i wonder what my kids would say?

  3. Love it!!! How nice!

  4. That comment should make up for all the times when he didn’t want to eat his vegetables or take a bath after playing all day outside.

    Did you stop crying yet?

  5. You are going to be Joel Osteen’s neighbor?

    Just joking.

    You have a sweet son, Mary.

  6. That is so, so touching. And it says a lot about how well you’re raising him to think of others. 🙂

  7. fountains, bibles and new cars? What the heck?!
    haha he sounds like quite the character!!

    It’s a good idea he has though, and that he’s thinking about caring for you already is awesome!