Works For Me: Taming the savage tent

Got one of those pop-up kiddie tents? You know, the spring-loaded kind that practically sets itself up, but incites all sorts of murderous thoughts in you as you try to wrestle it down and get it stowed away again? When you do get it flattened out, don’t let go or it’ll spring open again. And even if you actually get it put away, if your little kids are like mine they’ll feel the vacuum that the put-away tent created and immediately hunt it down and pull the thing out again.

The other day I was cleaning the pig sty that is my 3 and 5 year old daughters’ bedroom. For the third time in three days I faced my nemesis, the Disney Princess play tent. I sweated and rassled and tried not to cuss. When I finally battled my way to a tenuous victory over the thing, I looked around the room for something to hold it shut in the closet. A big bag maybe, or a Goliath-sized paper clip. That was when I realized I had the perfect solution lying right there in front of me on the floor.

And old-fashioned pants hanger.

Perfect. I closed it over the edge of the tent and was delighted to discover that it was plenty sturdy enough to hold the edges of the tent securely together. As I was crowing over the subjection of my enemy, I had an even more exciting realization. Now I could simply HANG the tent UP in the closet. Away. High. Out of sight. Yeah, I’ll get it out again. But outside on a nice day. Not in the middle of the bedroom and certainly not at bedtime.

It was a thing of beauty indeed, and it most definitely works for me.

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  1. Love it!

  2. Brilliant idea.

    I wonder what else I can use that “giant paper clip” for and hang out of site? Probably against the law to use on the dog when he’s in a pesty mood.

  3. We have the same tent and the SAME dilemma… this is a super solution… THANKS!!!

  4. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! I feel the need to shout your praises from someplace very high!

  5. You are a brilliant mind… {smile}

  6. runningamuck says:

    What an awesome idea!!! We currently don’t have one of those dreaded tents but we’ve had them in the past and will undoubtedly have them again in the near future. I’ll just make the rule now that whoever purchases the tent, has to purchase the hanger too. =0) I’m evil that way…

  7. Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate says:

    This is a great idea for my son’s baseball net. It’s huge and we can’t get it shut easily to store it. He will think I’m brilliant! 🙂
    Please don’t let on that I actually got this great idea from you! LOL!
    Thanks for posting it!!!

    Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate