Why am I humming “I got you, babe” and thinking about smashing my alarm clock

I happen to be one of those wierdos descriminating movie viewers who has watched the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray at least half a dozen times. After a particularly frustrating day of parenthood last week, I realized that there are a number of similarities between the movie and parenthood. When re-reading what I’d written I almost decided it was too cranky to post. But, hey, there are moments when all of us feel that way. We might as well know we’re not alone, right?

So here are my top three reasons
Why Parenthood is Like “Groundhog Day”

1.  Because you can’t believe it is morning. Again.

2. Because you’ve been at this long enough to predict when the kid is going to fall, but you still can’t manage to catch him without (someone) getting hurt.

3.  Because the people around you act like the words coming out of your mouth are brand new. Every darned morning. (“But mom, you didn’t tell me to do my math/empty the trash/wear my shoes!”)

4. Because the only person who seems to be learning a thing is you. and yet you still don’t seem to be having a measureable impact on the chaos around you.

Your turn. What’s the most frustratingly monotonous part of your day?

(And for those of you too young to have seen this movie, see it. Just do it. If for no other reason than to better understand this post. :>) )

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  1. You’re absolutely right, and bedtime is like Whac-a-Mole. I’m seeing a rodent theme here…

  2. because no matter how many times you tell him not to, your two year old will always chase and lay upon the cat.

  3. We just happen to live adjacent to the little village with the town square where GHD – well the outside shots, the diner shots and the hotel shots – were filmed. It’s actually the same little town that has the Farmers’ Market I buy all my fresh produce in all summer long. So I get to spend lots of time feeling like I’m living Groundhog Day over and over. You covered most of the reasons parenting is like that movie. I guess the one I’d add is the sister of your #3. People around here act like the words coming out of THEIR mouths are brand new and they are SO! IMPORTANT! AND! MUST! BE EXPRESSED! IMMEDIATELY! and I could swear I just heard it all yesterday and can repeat it verbatim with ’em. (Also, we seem to keep having the same weather every day, too. HMMMM.)

  4. Remember, don’t drive angry…

  5. Having to explain every. single. morning. that P has to go to school and remind him how much fun he has while he’s there. And picking up toys and clothes. Why is it the same thing every single night–“But Mama, I don’t want to!”

  6. My kids have to have an ID for school that has to be worn around their neck on a lanyard. EVERY SINGLE MORNING as we are walking out the door I have to make sure they have it. 9 out of 10 times one of them has forgotten it!

    I will be so glad next year when they are doing their classes online!

  7. I love that movie! Watch it each and every time it comes on tv. Without fail!

    For me, it would be when 12 year old looks at me like I’ve never, ever told him to either wear shoes outside to take his socks off. Everyday we go through this. And still, I see him playing outside in his socks.

  8. The three boys that we have recently brought into our family from Ukraine ask me every morning, “Mama______, please” and every morning I answer them, “I have to finish making Daddy’s lunch first. Just wait.”

    Then today I answered them, “What do I always tell you?”
    “Daddy’s Lonsh.” They knew…of course!

    And that is how much of the day goes along from there!

    I call it “In one ear and out the Ukrainian!”

  9. The laundry pile stays the same size, no matter how much I do, on any given day.

  10. You’ve only seen it half a dozen times? I seem to be the one constantly repeating myself. I am considering recording myself and letting it play over and over and over. It might have the same result…

  11. Everyday, numerous times a day, I say to my 18 yr old, “would you please shut the cabinet doors?”

    A few weeks ago I told them that there were some things I needed to make sure he could do before he left for college: do his own laundry, balance a checkbook, etc. When I said, shut a cabinet door, he replied “that’s a lost cause Mom, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that.”

  12. LOLOL! This is the most accurate and hilarious post ever written!

    Love that movie!

    Every morning, I can predict with precision that my son will brush his hair and come out of the bathroom with it looking the same as when he crawled out of bed….so my husband laughs when EVERY morning I say, before even seeing his “brushed hair”, “BRUSH IT RIGHT, PLEASE”.

  13. At our house it is the constant “shut the doors” as the kids go in or out. You would think after the fiasco that happened when someone left the door open and a chicken walked in they would remember!!!!! LOL. Sort of.

    Or the child who has been diabetic for nearly five years – every morning – did you check your sugars? Every single, single day!!! And before every meal and snack. After so many years you would think it would be as constant as breathing.

  14. trixiefan says:

    Every morning I have to remind my 12 year old son to feed and water the dog. Every day!! Morning routines should be just that, routine! It’s truly a new day every day with pre-teen boys!

  15. Even though you are tired of saying the same things over and over, you have to act like it’s fresh! and new! with each child. One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is that you are constantly walking around in a state of deja vu. (It’s like deja vu! It’s like deja vu!)

  16. Hi Mary,

    This is my husband’s favorite movie. We have to watch it every once in a while.

    I loved your list. I very much dislike the mornings too! They come way to soon.

    My biggest anoyance is the laundry pile that never seems to go down. This is the least favorite job in the house and no one wants to help (thought they are FORCED to).

    Thanks for the affirmation that I am not the only one who has to repeat myself over and over.

    Have a great day,

  17. I, too, love this movie–and the B&B where I spent my wedding night is right outside the town square where the outdoor shots were filmed–so cute!

    …and yes, morning comes too soon. Especially b/c the little guy is STILL not sleeping through the night (at 16 months)…

  18. My constant replay is “It does not matter if the mess/toys/socks/books are YOURS, I asked you to pick them up” follwed by my next statement “I do not wear ALL the clothes in the house, but I wash all of them nor do I eat ALL the food in the house but I make it and shop for it-that is the way a family works.” I am suspecting they do not care about the way a family works…..maybe if I said it in Spanish? German? sign language? b/c apparently Mom’s English is not their primary language around here, at least that they can UNDERSTAND– but they sure can speak it-haha!

  19. Trying to get HB1 to EAT.ALREADY. I am a broken record.

  20. “did you feed the dogs?” “did you brush your teeth?” “finish your math?” “do not hit your sister/brother!” “put your plate away, please.”…….and the list goes on and on of things that I say on a daily basis. Every day these are met with the same, blank stare as if it is the very first time they have ever heard these words. 🙂

    Funny post! Oh and the mornings do keep on coming.

  21. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

    I have three children, daughters, ages 14 and 11 (has type I diabetes) and a son, age 13. I’m forever saying, “We eat at the table,” “What’s your blood sugar?,” and “Did you feed the dogs?”

  22. Groundhog Day, indeed. WHY does every single day have to include the words, “Did you do your chores? Pick up your stuff off the floor. Clear your place at the table. Scrub your plate when you put it in the sink. Have you brushed your teeth? KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!”

    I think I say those things in my sleep.

  23. texasknights says:

    Great post~! I find preparing for school nightly to be so extremely monotonous!!! I have 14 more days of making 5 lunches and setting out clothes the night before. My dislike for doing this every. single. day. is making me actually consider homeschooling (among other reasons).

  24. I can’t think of any others, but I just had to add that I love the movie, and this is a great post!!

  25. That’s such a fun movie.

    It seems that I wake up every. single. day to the sound of fighting, screaming, or tattling in my ear. This week, in fact, I awoke twice to the exact same words: “Mommy, L is saying bad words!” “I Got You, Babe” would be such an improvement.

    More pleasant, but still in the same vein: How about reading a book for the forty billionth time, each time with the correct and fully expected enthusiasm, expression, character voices, wonder and enjoyment? (Child # 4 cares not one whit that you’ve already read these classics 30 billion times to the older children before she even came of age — she’s just warming up to these delightful new books!)

    The running conversations with the three year old in public restrooms as we cope with the montrous flushing… The constant reassuring diialogues as she’s now re-cycling abandonment-related fears…

    Potty training has to be the most monotonous running soundtrack of words and emotion… but I’m long done with that one!

  26. I have a 7 month old son who is exclusively breastfed (ferociously refuses a bottle) and who just doesn’t quite get the hang “real” food yet. We are literally together 24/7.

    My whole life is redundantly monotonous…Feed the baby, play with the baby, put the baby down for a nap while I clean up after the baby. Feed the baby, play with the baby, put the baby down for a nap while I clean up after the baby. Feed the baby, play with the baby, put the baby down for a nap while I clean up after the baby.

    Every now and then I shake it up a little by cooking lunch for my husband, or maybe taking a shower.

    Every now and then the baby will do something fun like laugh uncontrollably at a Cheerio or roll across the living room, crash into the couch and KEEP ROLLING like a toy that’s hit the wall. I guess those are the kinds of things that make the redundant monotonousness tolerable.

  27. expectingamiracle says:

    I was actually thinking about this the other day…I’m in the precursor to all that. I’m experiencing Groundhog Month, where one tries to get pregnant each month, gets one’s hopes up, then gets a negative pregnancy test. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  28. I have the “same problem, different child” thing going on here. On the plus side, what takes it out of the realm of Groundhog Day is that the same solution almost never works!

  29. For me it’s “watch that first step, it’s a doooo-sie!”

    This represents how every day I think I’ve finally “got it all under control” and pre-planned everything and double checked to make sure no one’s forgotten anything…there will always be something I’ve overlooked!! (such as not realizing it’s picture day, forgetting to send back the field trip permission slip and now it’s the day of, leaving the goodies for the Halloween party on the kitchen table, etc, etc, etc…!!!)

    And by the way, I LOVE this movie!!!

  30. This post reminds me of “Momsense”. If you have never watched it on YouTube you simply must. I actually stood up and applauded at the end.


  31. cottagerswife says:

    Great post – I cried!
    And the thirty comments pretty much say it all.

  32. Because every day I swear I will go to bed early…and then every night at 12:31am, here I am, blogging….