Works for me: because what’s more fun than a cat in a sack?

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Ok, I have an unusual tip this week. We actually learned this one from our veterinarian. When you want to safely transport a cat to or from the vet’s office, but don’t have one of those cool cat crates, try a pillowcase.


Set your cat (gently!) into a pillowcase. Knot off the top. Carry your cat in your arms out to the car. (Hold it like you would a swaddled baby, not as if you’re swinging a sack by the handle). Set your cat carefully down on the floor of the car or even on your lap. The cat will not be able to run all over the car. He’ll be able to breathe through a light weight pillow case just fine– I promise. Obviously you won’t want to leave your cat in the sack for hours on end, but on a 20 minute trip to the vet a cat will be just fine. And if he’s like our cats, he’ll stay much calmer in a sack than in a cardboard box. Something about the sack is very calming to most cats. And you won’t have to buy (and store) an expensive cat carrier.

I understand that this tip might sound outrageous to some die-hard cat lovers. But if you’ve ever had a cat JUMP OUT of a cardboard box on the way to the vet, you might just be game to try the pillowcase. Because even more exciting than a cat in a sack is a cat doing laps around the inside of your car running THROUGH the steering wheel every time he passes the front seat– all while you’re trying to drive.

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  1. Now that made me laugh out loud just think of that cat doing laps in your car while you are trying to drive! Thanks for sharing that!!
    Frugal Carol

    P.S. Can’t wait to read the book!!!

  2. I have to say I laughed. Not because I think it’s absurd, just because I could picture the look on all the die-hard animal lovers who work at our vets office if I walked in swingin’ a cat in a sack 😀

  3. Is that where the term “Let the cat out of the bag” came from? That is crazy funny – but I’ll be using that little tip when I take my cat to have her spayed – as I don’t have one of those fancy crates!

  4. I’ve done this several times and my kitty loves it! I never tie it though, once she’s in, she’s pretty comfy and will stay put! Never cries like she does in the transportation crate!

  5. Oh my goodness, I’d have never thought of this! I have one cat who likes the carrier and one who just rides in our lap on the way. I usually use a towel, but the pillowcase idea is brilliant. Brilliant I say!

  6. I’ve done that before, believe it or not, and it worked beautifully. Although the person I was delivering the cat to thought it was pretty weird.

  7. I wish I had known this sooner. One of our cats left us years ago because of the cardboard box in the car incident. Our perfectly tame pet ran off into the woods and never came near enough to be caught again.

    …but maybe he was leaving us over what would have happened when he arrived at the vet…

  8. I do have a cat carrier, but I think this would be a humane way to carry my cats (obviously, one at a time) if the carrier ever breaks!
    BTW, when I clicked on your link, I got a 404 message.

  9. It works to move your cat a couple of states away, too. We did this when I was a kid after the cat ate his way out of the cardboard box he’d been in.

  10. Wow, that brings back memories. I grew up in a developing nation that didn’t have streets wide enough for cars. We used to put our cat in a pillow case and carry her on a motorcycle to the vet (Mom driving, me holding onto the cat on the back). We sure got some strange looks when she yowled.

  11. This is truly the best way to transport cats, and they do not mind at all.

    You have to have a strong constitution, however, to withstand the horrified looks of people who are “animal lovers” when you carry a cat in a pillowcase, however.
    Some of these are really people who elevate animals above people….they don’t ever bother trying to learn about what really makes their animals tick—they try to make them into little humans. They will say things like: “Would you carry your child around in a sack?”, etc.

    Anyway, as always…..good advice!

  12. I have had the cardboard box experience- I do have a cat carrier, but I have 2 cats, and when I took them in to get fixed, one of them was in a box, and it was taped shut with holes punched in it so he could breathe, and he got so scared that he went #2 in there…when I got to the vet, I had to sit with him and his stinky box in the waiting room and everybody was staring at me and covering their noses! Yuck! 🙂

  13. lol, I am going to pee my pants, seriously!