…a yawn that won’t quit

Well, we survived Iowa testing.   I can’t figure out why I’m so exhausted from getting up 3 mornings in a row at a mere 7 am, then sitting on my duff all morning watching my kids fill in bubbles.   I even read two books.  One was called Kabul Beauty School.  I picked it up on impulse at the library because I wanted to know more about women’s lives in Afghanistan.   It was an interesting read, but I ended up not liking the author of the book especially much, so my feelings about the book are mixed. 

 The other book is one about building relationships with newly arrived adopted children.  It is called The Connected Child  and it is absolutely excellent.   I bookmarked lots of spots that I want to read again.

This weekend, besides (I hope) sleeping a bit more, we’ve got a birthday or two to celebrate– my son is turning 10, and his cousin is turning 13.   A few kids are coming over for a sleepover.  Our teenagers are going to snow camp.  Oh, AND I’m doing the final (canbarelystandtoreleaseit) polish on my book before sending it off on Monday.

SO.  Tired.

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  1. Carmen is tired. I’m tired. You’re tired.

    What is this? I sure hope it goes away soon!

  2. check out the kabul beauty school movie. it’s an indy documentary. my heart aches for afghanistan’s women. they are so brave and strong.

  3. I just wanted to pop in and give you a giant THANK YOU! We leave in 5 days to pick up our daughter from Ethiopia and your blog was a definite inspiration to us when we were researching adoption. I am fairly sure I have several of your children’s full adoption stories printed out in my house somewhere. This whole process has been a wild ride and your writing has been helpful to us on many levels for the past three years. Thanks Again!!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blogs. As we prepare to leave and pick up our daughter I am reminded of how helpful your words were to us in the beginning. Thanks!!!

  5. So excited to hear that you are so close to done with your book! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. I just ran across your blog… can I recommend a book for you, if you are interested in Afghanistan/Pakistan? I am almost through the book ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortenson and it is an amazingly uplifting story of one man’s work to build schools for impoverished children in these two countries. It is quite moving but an interesting read as well.