Friday’s link: Because spring isn’t coming fast enough for me

It snowed today. Again. We bundled up the kids and they played in the snow and came in rosy-cheeked and drank hot chocolate by the fire, just as we did at the first snow two months again. But I WANT SPRING.

And so– here are some flowers for everyone who’s feeling as winter-weary as I am today.

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  1. Snowy here too… we must have gotten a fresh 8 inches. It sure is pretty out there. We’ve had fun looking at the animal footprints across our driveway. We are staying in today and cozying up with a movie. Have a great weekend!

  2. i want spring too! when will it come?

  3. February hasn’t been too bad here, but January was awesome! Lots of snow to play in. But now, I am with you…spring can’t get here fast enough!

    Thanks for the link!