Our 11th and 12th children

Way back in 1997 when John and I were first discussing adoption, he felt that the four kids we already had were enough. After we’d talked around the issue for quite awhile, we decided that a good way to help out in the world would be to sponsor a Compassion child. Since I was longing at that point to adopt from an Asian country, we signed up to sponsor a little girl from Thailand. She was 6 years old at the time, and her name was Boonrang. The first letters we got from her were short, but oh-so-cute. We were so touched to read that SHE was praying for US every day.

Not long after that we decided to sponsor another child. She was also 6 years old. She lived in Rwanda, and her name was Claudine. Over the years we have written to these girls several times a year, sending pictures and stickers and the occasional extra bit of money designated for their birthdays or Christmas. In return we have gotten these amazingly precious letters from the girls. They call us mom and dad and they always mention they are praying for us and that they love us.

I just realized we have been sponsoring these girls for a decade now. They are teenagers, on the brink of adulthood. One of these days they will age out of the Compassion project, and we will probably get a letter from Compassion offering us the sponsorship of different children. But I pray that as ‘our’ girls prepare to step out into the world, they will have a brighter future because of the education and lessons in faith they have gotten through Compassion.

John and I are NOT rich. There have been times when I’ve looked at the budget and wondered about that commitment to the girls. There are a hundred other ways we could spend the $64 that goes to Compassion each month. And yet God has been faithful in providing for us so that we could help provide for Boonrang and Claudine along with the ones who live under our roof.

If you would like to read more stories about families who are BEING BLESSED by Compassion International, please go visit Shaun Grove’s blog. (He just returned from Uganda with BooMama and Shannon.) If you are already a Compassion sponsor, will you tell me about your child? And if you do not yet sponsor a child, please consider it. You will not regret it.

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  1. Our Compassion child is Peter and he’s 5. I have two five year olds at home, so I can imagine all the stuff he is up to. He has a happy, missing-tooth grin and sparkling eyes. I love reading his letters and can’t wait until he can write them himself.

    We started sponsoring a year ago and I’d love to add another child.

  2. We sponsor a little boy in Uganda through Compassion. He is the same age as our oldest son, and shares his first name! We get lovely letters and drawings from him, and he tells us about school and his family. He really likes that he shares our son’s name– it seems to be a special connection for him. Our boys pray for him by name every night, and we send him letter regularly.

    We also sponsor a native missionary family (which means that the missionaries are members of the community, grew up there, same background and race as the people they serves). This is through Gospel for Asia, which is another wonderful organization that I’d encourage anyone to check out.

  3. Mary,

    What a wonderful post. I was surprised to see that the girl from Rawanda was named Claudine. That is my oldest Haitian daughter’s name.

    We sponsor a little boy named William in Nymlel, Sudan. Unfortunately, the instability there makes it impossible for us to hear from him but we have his photo and pray for him. I am so thankful to be able to make his difficult life a little easier.

    Blessings to your family, friend.


  4. Hello!
    I have 2 Compassion girls, Hyacinth from the Phillipines, and Ploy from Thailand. I have been sponsoring Hyacinth since she was 4, and now she is almost 9! Ploy is a newer sponsorship, so I don’t know much about her yet…
    Also, I talked to my boss about the company being involved in sponsorship, and now I look after the corporate sponsorship of 2 children in Haiti who are both 8!
    Getting letters from all 4 of them is such a highlight for me! And to know that 4 kids around the world are praying for me… Thats the coolest part!

  5. We sponsor 4 kiddos-one boy in Brazil, one boy in Ethiopia, one girl in Bangladesh, and one boy in Bolivia. We sponsored another boy but he disappeared from the project and Compassion had no further contact with him-it was sad for us to adjust since we had sponsored him for 10 years, also. But, we have just started something that has become quite a blessing to our family-we were convicted that we were not writing very often and so after reading Isaiah 58, esp verse 3, about how we should be spending our Sabbath, every Sunday we all gather around the computer and write to one of the children. We have learned a lot about the countries, checking them out with GoogleEarth, and our kids have started talking about their far flung “siblings” in everyday life-it’s great! I love Compassion-it is truly a wonderful organization!!

  6. Awesome to hear that you sponsor 2 children with Compassion. I also sponsor a little girl with Compassion. Her name is Fetsemo and she is 5-years-old, from Ethiopia.


  7. We just sponsored a baby through Holt International’s program…since they are an international adoption agency, the children are sponsored until they are adopted. This is the first time we’ve tried soemthing like this, and I’m excited…

  8. I have a question – I’m sure you searched a great deal before you decided to sponser so I will ask you instead of researching myself 😉

    How do you know they really get the money? How do you know the letters are really from them?

    You would think I would end this with a “we have been burned in the past”story…..but no. I just know there are places that will gladly take your money have their own kids write a letter to you.

    ANYHOW- I have thought about it but those are my reasons for not doing it yet.


  9. Compassion is a well audited, well respected agency. 90% of the money goes directly to the kids, which is an excellent ratio as charitable organizations go.

    You might be interested to click on the links of the other bloggers I mentioned that just got back from a Compassion project in Uganda. They were able to see first hand the work that Compassion does for the kids.

    Good questions, though!


  10. we have had the privilege of sponsoring a young man from the philippines for over five years. it has been an amazing relationship and God has always provided the money for his sponsorship. our children pray for him as they do their siblings and we have been more blessed him and his prayers than we are probably to him. it’s an awesome organization and a practical way for all of us to impact the kingdom and the huge orphan epidemic.

  11. We sponsor a girl through our adoption agency. She is at their rehabilitation center and is not available for adoption (she has a family…they are just not able to care for her…but they do visit her). We were recently able to visit her on a trip to our child’s birth country. It was an incredible experience.

  12. We sponsor two, through world vision. Jean Pierre lives in Rwanda, he is now 13 years old, we’ve been sponsoring him for 6 years now, since the birth of our son. He lives with his grandmother, his parents are dead.

    WE also sponsor a little girl named Javiera in Chile, who is also 12.

  13. We sponser our two kids through World Vision – Roxanne from Phillipines and Living from Tanzania. We have had both for several years and feel a connection with them even though we are so far apart. Sponsorship is a great way to make an impact on a child, their family and community. What doesn’t seem like much to us means the world to them.


  14. I have been seriously thinking about sponsoring a child through Compassion. I have a couple of questions and I was wondering if you could share your experience with me.

    Have you ever gone to meet the children you sponsor? How do you send the letters/packages to them?

    And, I was concerned about them asking for more money that I don’t have. I know you said that you said some extra for their birthday and Christmas. Is that the only times throughout the year?

    Thanks for your help!

  15. Hi Becky,

    We haven’t traveled to meet ‘our’ kids, though I would love to some day. We are allowed to send letters, pictures and stickers– anything that will fit in a flat envelope. No one is required to send any extra money for birthdays or Christmas. We have just opted to do it on an irregular basis whenever we could afford it.


  16. Although we very, very much want to internationally adopt, it is not a financial possibility for us yet (although we pray it will be one day soon!) we began by sponsoring children. Up until this last year we had 4 children, one in Guatemala, two in Kenya, and one in Cameroon (through two different agencies). Sadly, when my husband became sick last year we had to stop giving to one organization (two children), but have been so blessed to continue on with our other two.

    To us, it is such a privilege to be able to give to these children, and to get the wonderful pictures and reports of their development. It is such a worthwhile ministry, and we are excited to begin teaching our 3 year old about these children and why they are so important to our family!

  17. I started sponsoring Upendo in Tanzania in February, after reading about the Compassion blogger trip to Uganda. I got my first letter from her this month. She turns 7 in May, the same age as my youngest son. I know this will be a wonderful thing for her and I for years to come.