My life

She saved me the trouble of writing it. For the record, I almost always go with option #1.

By the way, I may be a little scarce in the next couple weeks. I MUST finish this book.

And the blanket party fund is up to $3425. Hooray!!! I’m sending the washer money to the hospital this week!

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  1. Hi– am enjoying your series of fifteen minute moments. Thanks for continuing as they have been inspiring me to do the same. God is doing a work in our lives as a family– drawing us back to who He called us to be, calling us out once again from the culture, tuning our ears to hear His voice amidst all the noise that competes for our attention. Your posts have helped me hear that even clearer, helped me remember to pay attention. I shared this with my husband and he said that he just sees all of this working together as we endeavor to reclaim something we have let go of in the busyness of life.
    Thank you–
    And thanks for the link to her post… must admit I am guilty of number two from time to time!