15 minutes better :: 3

Today was another crazy-busy day. We threw Eldest a surprise dinner party for her 20th birthday– can you believe I have a TWENTY year old?? We made lasagna and invited the grandparents and Eldest’s best friend. A ‘small’ party of only 16. I spent the day riding herd on my young house-cleaners and making this scrumptious cake that I read about at Carrien’s. Any ‘extra’ (hah) energy was sucked up by some extreme crankiness from a child who shall remain nameless– thankfully the child pulled self together for the party. So here’s all I’ve got today.

1. At the 3 year old’s naptime instead of just sitting next to her reading while she went to sleep like I usually do, I snuggled with her. And almost went to sleep myself.

2. I’m counting this one as one of my ‘betters’ even though I’ve actually been planning to do it for a week. For Eldest’s birthday we all thought of something we love about her or of some good memory of time spent with her. Each person at the party, including the guests, wrote our remembrance on a paper heart. We tied the hearts with blue and gold ribbons to a little mobile made from chopsticks. Then we gave Eldest her memory mobile as one of her party gifts. She loved it, and we all loved being able to share in creating it for her.

That’s it from here today. How’d your day go?

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  1. I spent 15 minutes shopping for fabric with the female child, who was in full and raging PMS mode all day.

    No blood was shed.

    I’ll call that a “better”.


  2. The boy is really excited about swimming. We went to check out a practice for a group he wants to get involved with.

  3. Abigail woke up excruciatingly early on my day off. Instead of sending her back to her room to play, I let her climb in bed with me. She told me a long story- something about a big spider and our cat and school- and I was appropriately scared, shocked, and happy in my reactions. I hadn’t even had any coffee yet!

  4. I always end up falling asleep when I snuggle with little ones, waking up and hour and a half later realizing what happened. Now if I can just divide that hour and a half up into 15 minute segments and count them throughout the week….

  5. I played ANOTHER round of Dora ABC’s with one little kid, and a game of Trouble with the other little kid.

  6. I played Scrabble with my boys instead of blogging. I crawled in bed with E when I went to wake them up, instead of just telling them to get up.

  7. Thanks for your fifteen minutes idea. I only have three little ones (so far), but they’re all three and under, so things are hopping at our house. So I appreciate the tip – anything that increases joy and gratitude is most welcome!

  8. i’m catching up with all this. what a great idea. xo

  9. Thanks for this. We’re moving in 3 weeks, and I’m trying to do everything and still be a good mom to my 4 kids at the same time. I feel like a miserable failure. 15 minutes sounds do-able, and my kids will surely appreciate it. Can’t say I got 15 minutes today, but yesterday we did make an impromptu trip to the library and read extra books when we got home.