My two 9-yr-old sons were discussing their ardent wish to become police officers. “It would be so cool. You get to use guns and Taser and learn martial arts and drive a police car really fast with the lights on….”

My 13 year old son helpfully remembered something he’d read about police officer training. “You know, in police academy when they’re training you to use Tasers, they have to Taser you.”

“No way,” said the younger ones, looking horrified.

“Yeah, it burns like fire but only for a second.” The 13 year old said this with some satisfaction.

“I don’t want to get Tasered,” said one of the 9-yr-olds uncertainly. You could just about see him pondering alternate job options.

The 13 year old chose that moment to add another helpful tidbit. “Yeah, and when they train you to use pepper spray, you have to get pepper-sprayed too.”

“No way. What about when they train you to use a gun?” asked my other 9 year old, concerned. “Do they have to shoot you?”

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  1. That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! I love the way you tell a story!

  2. I can just see the wheels turning while he processed that one… Too funny! (Wanna bet he doesn’t even think about becoming a surgeon!)

  3. Mary,
    What a great story! Being a police Chief I hear that very thing alot. How funny!


  4. I was giggling before the end because I knew what was coming! Isn’t this what brothers are good for?

  5. haha!!! the real world.

    it reminds me off nursing school – giving each other im injections and starting iv’s on each other. yikes.

  6. well logical steps!!!

  7. haha.

    My hubby is in the middle of the application process for police academy. I hope they don’t have to shoot him too.:)

  8. gotta love that boy’s thought process, poor kid!

  9. That’s too funny! When I first saw the police academy’s graduation film with my brother-in-law being Tasered, it absolutely shocked me. I couldn’t believe they actually did that to him, poor guy!

    Then I found out that not only did they Taser him, but they did it after they stuck him in a gas chamber and pepper sprayed him and made him run 10 miles to clear his lungs. Ouch.

  10. LOL!!! What a clever boy he is.

  11. Brilliant!

  12. Tasers really, really, really hurt people!!! by far the most painful 5 seconds of my life.


  13. LOL. What a thought process. I had to laugh outloud on that one.

    I only just recently found out about the tasers myself. Dh told me that a young man we go to church with that works for the prison north of here showed in the two dots from that part of his training. Something to do with him having to go through it in case he accidently was tased by a prisioner so it was not such a shock to his system and he would know how to react. I still am thinking it has to be to painful to react….But I am a wimp…and never plan to be an officer!

  14. Explains a few things about the Police. Just think, what must happen to the Military Personnel…

  15. That is a GREAT story! LOL! Thanks! 🙂

  16. This is so funny, and such a GREAT way to maybe help my 4 year old set his sights on something other than law enforcement!! Ha!!