Saturday 2 PM Update

Several people have asked when the Blanket Party is officially over. I had initially planned to make it just yesterday, but donations are continuing to trickle in and are very welcome. My sister doesn’t leave for Ethiopia till May, and so I think I’ll leave a link to the party at the top of my sidebar for awhile. If you would like to help some needy people in Ethiopia you can donate to my paypal account (owlhaven at aol dot com) anytime between now and May 1st. And thank you all so much!

The total now??? In my paypal account at this moment is $2906.00, with $135 still pending that was paid from checking accounts and isn’t yet released. That will put us over $3000!!!!! Can you believe it?? A few people have asked to send donations via snail mail, so in a week or so I’ll give you another update. You guys have deeply touched me with your generousity. I can’t wait to get some pictures from my sister to show you what you’ve accomplished.

As I’ve told you, the plan is #1—to buy $500 worth of baby blankets, and #2 — to purchase the commercial washer for the Soddo Hospital. The estimated cost on the washer is $2000, and I would like to set aside another $200 in case the cost with transport is a bit more than that estimate. If they don’t end up needing the full $2200, I am thinking we could put the extra into an already-established Soddo hospital fund for people who need surgery but can’t afford it. A surgery at the hospital there in Wollaitta costs about $70. (Can you imagine?? That wouldn’t even buy a consult with a surgeon here in America!!)

But I have been noodling around one final idea for the money that is ‘over’ our goal. I would dearly love to give a donation to an American doctor who runs a clinic in the Wollaitta area. Her name is Dr. Mary, and I have corresponded with her just a little. She cared for my 3 year old during her first month of life, and she has a true heart for the people. You can read about her work in this post. Just one example of her work is a food and vitamin program that has been a blessing to many people, and that she has funded using her own money. I am confident she would put a donation from us to good use.

Does this sound like a reasonable use for the ‘extra’ money? I welcome your input, and once again, thanks so much for your generous spirits.

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  1. Mary,

    Your plans for the money sound fantastic. I’m really happy with what you plan to do with it and it’s exciting to imagine so many people benefitting.

    Cheers, Wilm

  2. I think funding Dr. Mary is an excellent idea. Who knows, maybe by the time the final amount is in, there will be enough to fund everything: the hospital fund, Dr. Mary, the washer and lots and lots of blankets!

  3. Not meaning to put a wet blanket on all this, but I think you should probably check with a financial advice-giver about all this income of money and outflow of charity going through your personal accounts.
    Come USA tax time, you could have a whole pile of explaining to do.

  4. I think that you probably know what is needed there more than most of us do. I trust your judgment.

  5. I think those sound like great ideas.

  6. Mary you know I trust you completely to make these decisions. You do what you think it best, cause you know where the need lies better than I ever would. And thanks for keeping it open! I think it;s a great idea. I’m going to move the button to my sidebar as well. Maybe it will help trickle a few more $$ in 🙂

  7. Mary,
    Fantastic!! I think the ideas for the money are excellent. Again, God is good.


  8. Mary, I just read the post about Dr Mary. I don’t even know what to say, we are so blessed…or spoiled…maybe both. I definitely think the extra funds should go to Dr Mary and her clinic. What wonderful work they are doing. God is so good and faithful!

  9. Dr Mary sounds awesome 🙂 I’ll try to donate again before May – could you mention it again, possibly?

  10. I just found this today (Sunday) so I’m SO glad it’s not too late to be part of it. I think your plans for the money sound awesome, and I pray that even more donations will continue to come it. What a great idea!

  11. I, too, just read the post about Dr. Mary and am speechless. Yes, I think it should go to her.

  12. I’m so glad your efforts have been fruitful. As for what to do with the money, wherever you feel led to give it is where it should go.

  13. That is amazing! Since Soddo is my husband’s home town, perhaps when we visit (hopefully soon) we will see some blankets and wonder if they originally came from the blanket fund. 🙂

    I am sure Dr. Mary will come up with some very useful way to use the money. She is very creative in figuring out ways to meet the needs of the people there.

  14. Hi! I am amazed that you were able to raise so much money so quickly! These are people who are obedient when the Lord gives them an opportunity to give. And the causes are so worthy. I’m going now to PayPal to send $50. I would love to see it used for Dr. Mary to help with notepads, etc. It’s the everyday, mundane (to us) things that can make a difference in an effective ministry. These are the needs that speak most to me – the simple, logistical items.

    Please visit the PMS Club – Prayer, Ministry, Sisterhood! (website) (new blog, soon to replace the website), and pray for our efforts with the 10-10-10 Challenge!
    It’s to help with another simple, everyday need: fresh drinking water in places where missionaries are serving

    God bless you and your family, Dr. Mary, and everyone else involved!

  15. totally trust you to decide what is best!! xo

  16. I’d not been over to you since your morning post on Friday and I am so utterly delighted that you raised so much money. Well done you for initiating it and making it easy for us to give. I think whatever you think is best use of the extra will be a good use.

  17. Having attended a course for medical missionaries founded by Dr. Mary, and then personally used her books as a reference to treat hundreds of Ugandans in the summer of ’03, I think she’s an excellent one for the extra money to go to!! Her ministry has impacted thousands of people she’s never even met.

  18. I just got a chance to read what you are doing here and it thrills my heart to think about it. Tonight, as I edit a project, I’m going through some 2 year old footage of the Soddo hospital and thinking how far it has come.

    The idea of a big washing machine is perfect! They have a good generator, so even if the power goes off, the washer will be a huge help. People have to walk to the hospital on dirt roads – and trucks race by, covering them from head to toe with dust. Though the hospital is mopped twice a day, it is still incredibly difficult to keep clean.

    Also in my footage, I just listened to an interview I did with a young man who was on his own to find food from the time he was 6 years old. He told me about the cold, cold rainy season. Those blankets will be a huge blessing.

    I can’t wait to hear about your sister’s time in Soddo. A doctor there, Ruth Droppers, is one of my close friends. I know she will enjoy your sister’s company. Tell her to take lots of hot cocoa mix and those little energy drink packets you can mix with water – they will be a big hit with the staff:).