It’s a Blanket Party!!!

I’m so excited! Today is the day we get to bless some needy mommas and babies in Ethiopia. For those of you who are tuning in to my blog for the first time, this summer my mom, dad and sister are headed to Ethiopia to volunteer at the Soddo Hospital in a remote area of southern Ethiopia. Because of the poverty in the area, many new moms go home from the hospital with literally nothing for their babies — not even a baby blanket. Can you imagine not having a blanket for your newborn? The hospital workers have told us that they would love to have a stash of blankets to give to moms for their infants, and I would love to help grant that wish.

So today I am sponsoring a baby blanket fundraiser.

Since my family is planning to fill their luggage with medical textbooks for the nurses they’ll be training, they won’t be bringing actual blankets to Ethiopia. Instead they’ll take our money and buy blankets once they arrive in Ethiopia. This is doubly fun because it will allow us to bless both the new moms AND the shop owners from whom we’ll buy the blankets.

If you would like to be a part of this project, go to and send any amount of money to owlhaven @ aol . com (remove the spaces from that address). They should be able to buy blankets for $5 or less. If we could provide them with $500, that means that at least a hundred babies should end up with blankets — wouldn’t that be awesome??

Here’s one more idea for you all. Maybe I’m nutty, but since I first cooked up this project, I’ve found myself dreaming even bigger. We have been told of another need that the hospital has. They are in great need of a commercial-style washing machine. This way the hospital laundry would not have to be done by hand.

This is a big thing, people. A commercial washer is — brace yourself– about $2000. I am actually kind of cringing as I type that number.. part of me thinks I am nuts to think we could meet this need too. I totally understand if y’all would rather just donate for blankets. Blankets are awesome and I cannot wait to share a picture… maybe even one of a baby wrapped in one of our blankets.

But just in case some of you like to dream big too, I thought I’d mention the washer as well.

Please be assured that 100% of your money will go straight to Ethiopia, straight to whichever project you prefer. Please write either ‘blankets’ or ‘washer’ in the instructions on your donation. If you do not designate where you want your money to go, funds will go first toward the blanket project until we reach $500. At that point any additional money will go toward the washer fund.

I will be updating several times during the day to let you know how the project is going, most likely around noon, 5 pm, and then again at midnight. Thanks to all of you who’ve mentioned this project on your blogs– I so much appreciate it! And thanks to all of you who’ve stopped by for the first time. Feel free to poke around a bit. To get started, you might want to check out my favorite posts in the sidebar to the right.

And now — ready, set, go! Let’s wrap up some babies!

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  1. All linked up and ready to go 🙂 can’t wait!

  2. Done! I wish it could be more. Good luck!!!

  3. I hope this is a big success!!!

  4. I posted about your project on my blog today and I’ve sent a donation in James’ name I hope it’s a huge success!!!

  5. Oh, we can get that washing machine-and maybe a seoncd one! 🙂

  6. I made a donation and posted on my blog- although I can’t imagine that anyone would read my blog who doesn’t read yours (because quite frankly- you’re way more popular that I am!)

    Anyway- I feel honored to participate… Thank you for organizing this!

  7. I read your blog alot but have never commented 🙂 I posted a link on sk*rt ( so hopefully that will bring in some people for you. What a great idea you have!

  8. This is a fantastic idea. I love giving something concrete. I’ve posted about your efforts on my blog.

  9. I’m not sure I get how to donate… can you help me out?

  10. I just linked, too!

  11. What a fun idea. I discovered your efforts on Renee’s blog. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does!

  12. kelli in the mirror says:

    My blog is private now due to a bunch of crazy spammer/ stalker type people, so not that many people read it, but I linked! And sent you some money. I can’t wait to hear how many blankets and washerS we buy today!

  13. Kelli, Do you have a paypal account? If not, it is free and easy to set one up. Go to and they can set you up. You can choose to have money taken either from your checking account or your credit card. Your information stays private and secure, and you just type my email address in as the recipient.

    It is owlhaven at aol dot com (remove the spaces and put @ instead of the word ‘at’ and put a . instead of ‘dot’)


  14. Awesome Mary!! Looks like the washer isn’t such a crazy idea!! God Bless you and your family. We have a link on our page hope to send some more people your way.


  15. Brenda on the S OR Coast says:

    God bless you, Mary! Use my small gift however you think best. The idea of a hospital doing laundry by hand blows my mind. The idea of a mom not having a blanket for her new baby breaks my heart.

    Thank you for this chance to share some of our abundance.

  16. I’m a day late but I contributed!! This is such a wonderful idea, Mary. Thanks for providing us with this opportunity to help out.

  17. Is there any way we can make blankets and send them?

  18. I’d love to read more about what your family training nurses in Ethiopia. Could you please email me?

  19. amazing mary. just amazing.