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What a phenomenal day! You all are awesome. I am so touched and so grateful that so many of you are willing to help. Thank you so much! This is just amazing!!!!!

There are going to be lots of warm babies in Wollaitta this summer, as well as lots of clean laundry at the hospital.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. yea!!!!!!!!

  2. This is the best news I’ve heard all day! What an absolute privilege to be involved…and much better than all our individual efforts may have amounted to…..I did look at shipping some hand made ones, but it was soooo expensive. This was a great idea!

  3. Praise God! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to help.

  4. Debbi Busack says:

    This is awesome. Mary can you make this an annual event? Every Feb? My baby girl FROM Ethiopia was born Feb. 5th (she’ll be 2 – I can’t believe it!) so it’s a good way for me to give back.

    Your neighbor – Debbi

  5. This is incredible! I dream of the day that we will adopt from Ethiopia. Untill then I’m so glad I could help a little. May God bless each and every baby wrapped in these blankets with lots of love and a healthy long life! God bless you too!

  6. I love snuggled up babies-anywhere in the world. I’m so glad there will be some new ones:) And no hospital in the world should have to do laundry BY HAND!!! That is crazy and heartbreaking-but this a beautiful glimmer of hope for those folks at that hospital-again, thanks for being God’s hands here on earth for those folks in Ethiopia-and thank your family for making this all a reality for those folks.

  7. *Happy dance*

  8. Wonderful!

  9. Mary-I talked about your cause all day and felt so good knowing that Baby James and I were a part of it! God bless you!!!

  10. Big smiles!

  11. Mary,
    God provides in ways that we can’t begin to imagine. What a great picture of his provision. Thanks for be the one to organize such a great event!!

    “A Darling Life”

  12. So awesome!

  13. Out of curiosity… is there an end of the day total? 🙂

  14. I thought the blanket party started on February 1st, but would continue for awhile (because you know, I really like a long party). I’m off to paypal now–sorry to delay.

  15. I was just thinking of you, and your family, and the blankets…

    My 3 year old was just asking to see pictures of “when I was born at the airport.” Sigh. So we were talking yet again about her life in Ethiopia before we got to be her family, and I pulled out the little bunch of pictures I have from KM. In one of them, she’s laying on the mat with all of the babies– all of those babies…– and Sophie is there holding up my little girl’s bottle! =)

  16. Laurie Lloyd says:

    This is so great, it just warms my heart big time. No more laundry by hand and new blankets too. God is so good. I am so glad to have found out about this and to be able to help.
    I love Paypal, it makes it so safe and easy to donate on line.
    Be blessed and warm those precious babies up!!! All children are a gift from God.

    Love, Laurie in Ca. (sent here by my sweet friend, Kelli)