Let’s see… that would make him… 60-something??

One of my 9 year old sons, a Korean adoptee, was born missing his right foot and wears a prosthetic leg. He has never been really self-conscious about it– wears shorts every day of the year that I will possibly allow it, loves to swim, etc. But when he was little, he wasn’t always sure how to answer people’s questions. When people would ask him about his leg, he would often look to me for help. I would answer for him, and then he and I would talk about different ways to answer the questions.

Well, I guess those days are past. The other day at the pool a kid asked about his leg. He told the kid he fought in the Korean War.

The kid looked at him, goggled-eyed. “Really??”

At that point my son laughed and told him that, no, actually he was born that way.

But his reply made me laugh my head off. And feel really proud to see he was finding his own way to answer questions.


  1. That is soooo funny! He has a great sense of humor!

  2. That is hilarious. Good for him.

  3. That is so cute!
    Love wittiness in young ones!!

  4. This is so great! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love it!

  6. That is a fabulous way to answer! My husband has a prosthetic leg as well. He answers questions the same way. Something funny and easy going. It helps make the adults relaxed, as it is almost always a child asking and the parent has that “OH NO!” look on their face. Our three year old, Josiah, even tried taking off his leg when he was about two. He really wanted to be like daddy! I wish I would have gotten that on video.

  7. Love it.

    Ask him for a good answer to, “Don’t you worry about socialization?”

  8. That is so cute! Its wonderful that he has such a great sense of humor.

  9. Little guys often find the most amazing ways of dealing with things. It’s nice to have them remind us of what’s important!

  10. That is just about the best answer and attitude any kiddo can have!

  11. ROTFL! What a great sense of humor! I love it when my kids surprise me with their wit.

  12. I love it! What a wonderful young man!

  13. You go, nine year old son of Owlhaven!!! That is awesome!

  14. That is so sweet!

  15. That is GREAT!!

  16. That’s awesome!! And I believe that would make him at minimum: 73. 😉

  17. LOL! Good for him! 🙂

  18. ROFL! What a testament to the wonderful sense of humor you are developing in a fine young man!

  19. Good for your son! I was just sent a job description for a top management position, one of the requirements was “good sense of humor in stressful situations.” Maybe your son should apply!

  20. That sense of humor is going to serve him well throught the years. It’s so much easier to laugh things off than to let them bother you. He sounds like a great kid.

  21. was the other kid in public school? he may never have even heard of the korean war as a 9 year old… lol

  22. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing I have read in ages. What a little smartie-pants! 😀

  23. Too funny! A kid I used to keep had a big birth mark on his leg. As he got older he started telling people it was from a shark bite.

  24. oh that made me laugh out loud….what a smart little boy you have! lol

    I love reading your posts….

    In Christ,


  25. Mary, That is so funny about your son being a Korean War vet! My 6- year-old who was burned last year deals with a similar issue, as he has a very large scar covering half of his right arm and has to wear special bandages still. I almost wet my pants when I found out that he answered his classmates’ questions by saying that the red thing on his shoulder is an alien who lives on his arm and gives him super powers! I LOVE little boys! 🙂


  26. Too funny! We have a Korean War connection too. My father in law was “in” the war– actually he was stationed in Paris during that time. He met my mother in law working at the Air Force base there. Using your son’s logic, I can extrapolate that we are probably related 🙂