More about the blanket project

I am so thrilled that so many of you are interested in the blanket project! I wanted to answer your question about whether people could send actual blankets.

Each of my family members will be able to pack two 50-lb suitcases for Ethiopia (along with one carry-on bag, of course). I would love, love, love to physically pack a suitcase or two with blankets for the babies in Ethiopia. However, my sis just today told me that the hospital staff has asked my family to dedicate as much of their luggage as possible to some very specific things that cannot be bought in Ethiopia– things such as medical textbooks and surgical towels.

Because of this, I really think our best approach might be to ‘gather blankets’ via paypal. That way my mom and sister can bring the money to Ethiopia and buy the blankets right there in Ethiopia. This would help Ethiopia in three ways. First of all, it frees up my family’s luggage to deliver things that aren’t available in Ethiopia. Second, some lucky market-stall people will sell a whole lot of blankets in one day– can’t you just imagine the smiles on their faces?? And finally, a bunch of new mommas will have blankets for their babies. I can picture those smiles too– can’t you??

I want to thank everyone for the generous offers. If you have actual blankets you are wanting to give away, may I suggest your local crisis pregnancy center? And I totally understand if you are wary of handing a stranger on the internet your money. Only do this if it seems right to you. But if you decide you are game to help out with my Blanket Party, check back on February 1st.

I am going to find out before then how much a baby blanket costs in Ethiopia. That way you’ll know just how many blankets your dollars will be buying– prices are pretty good there in general, so I would suspect your money will go further there than here. And thanks again to all of you who are willing to mention this project on your blog!!


  1. We have done several short term mission trips to Tanzania over the last 4 years. It has always been our strategy to buy what we can there. Not only do our dollars go alot further there, but it has the added benefit of adding much needed support to the local economy as well.

    I can’t wait to support this endeavor. Thanks for allowing us to participate in blessing these new mothers even though we cannot be there in person!

  2. This is a great compromise. Now people can take the money they might have put toward shipping and translate it into…more blankets!

  3. Thanks Mary 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for letting us know! And, from my experience in Ethiopia, our dollars do go much, much farther there than here!

  5. Boy is my OB nursing history twanging to go over there and help! I am sure it will be a great experience!

    Mary, several of my OB co-workers have asked about medical volunteer opportunities in Ethiopia. Specifically in OB and fistula clinics. When you have the chance I’d love more information to forward to them about the hospital your parents and sister will be visiting. Thanks!

  6. That sounds great Mary. I think spending the money there is great! I will be really interested to hear how much a blanket costs in Ethiopia.

  7. Just love your heart. Idea for “I have a million blankets and want to give them away” people. Most hospitals or Salvation Army etc have projects where they collect blankets for babies born in hospitals that don’t get parents, just biological births. Perhaps that is an idea. And there use to be a group I want to say called Project Snoopy, and they provide little blankys for kids that undergo traumas, severe accidents, disease, etc. Just an idea.

  8. Linked to this too!