My Tarzan

So while I was eagerly reading your comments about my washer dilemma and conducting much painstaking research all over the internet so that we could make just the right purchase, my hubby hopped into the van and went and found me a washer. And bought it. And dragged it home. With a smile on his face. And his cell phone turned off. Because he is that kind of guy.

Fortunately he and Costco and God dealt bountifully with lil-ol-control-freak me because this evening I am the proud owner of a FRONT-LOADING Whirlpool Duet. Which works beautifully. (And for which I intend to buy an extended warranty because appliances at our house age in DOG years, people– one year of life at the Owlhaven is equivalent to seven normal-house years.)

I literally did 5 loads of laundry since 3 pm. And cleaned and swept my laundry room. And have grand plans to wash sheets tomorrow since at this precise millisecond in time, there are no dirty clothes in this house. My laundry room may never have looked this good in its entire sweat-sock-filled life. (I’ll pretend I didn’t just hear the thunk of dirty jeans onto the floor in my teenaged boys’ bedroom).

Miracle of miracles, my lovely new washer spins the clothes so dry that the dryer now gets DONE in 54 minutes — just like the washer. And yes, I am aware that reviews all over the internet mention that exact fact, as well as some of the comments on my previous post. But I am here to vouch that it is true for me as well.

And my planets are aligned and all is right in my Downy-scented little world this evening.

And I have yet another reason to kiss my husband.


  1. Wow !!! You guys are fast You bought the washer today and have done 5 loads. That’s amazing.
    Now, I want to ask you do your older children do their own laundry or just you and your husband?
    I have four kids 8,5,3,and 6 months. so far I am the only one who does laundry here.
    My 3 year old likes to change clothes often He also pees on his pants.
    My 6 months old generates a lot of laundry as well.
    I just would like to know what is the best system to do laundry and complete the task the same day? I am always getting behind when it comes to putting all the clothes and stuff away.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Well, when I read your post earlier I was going to throw my two cents in about how much I love our Duet washer and dryer but I was distracted (oh something about some child abusing another or something of the sort) and never made it back to you. Glad your hubby did such a great job. He must be a risk taker! To have the cell phone off during a large purchase like that! HA! I am also glad you are in laundry heaven.

    ….. um yea, that will last for a few days and then it’ll just be a boring ‘ol washing machine once more. ;0)

  3. Sounds like you ha a case of Whilrpool Duet Love.. I can can *so* relate.

    I love it because it frees me up to live outside of the laundry room.

    And I hear you on the dog years thing.

  4. I too fell in love with a front loader just over a year ago. I would love to say that my laundry gets done more often, but it doesn’t. HOWEVER, I do have to do far fewer loads (only 2 a day) now!!!

    Congrats…you will never want to do laundry in a top loader again!

  5. First of all, let me say I am really enjoying hearing about your family life. I am currently the mommy of three little screamers, but my husband and I are currently going through our housestudy so that we may adopt. We’ll see where God takes us. Anyway, your husband is truly a gem. My dryer’s starter, or something like that, is dying so to get my dryer to start you have to take the bottom panel off and spin the drum while holding down the start button on the top. I am not too terribly short at 5’4″, but that’s too long of a stretch for my arms, so my sweet hubby starts the dryer for me every morning (and night, if needed). This has been going on for over 2 months. He insists that we don’t need a new dryer, even though this one is almost 20 years old. We’ll see how long this lasts…. Have a terrific weekend.

  6. We have a Fisher Paykel and it also spins the clothes at autobahn speed, thus drying very quickly! I’m glad Tarzan nabbed you a good one.

    Absolutely agree about the extended warranties and normal “life expectancies” of appliances and such. We recently realized that our carpet, which is 4 years old and supposed to be a “15 year” carpet, could really only be expected to last 5 years at best. We do put things to the test, yes ma’am.

  7. He’s a prince.
    I don’t really understand the difference in efficiency between a front v. top-loader, though…could someone enlighten?
    Can you do more clothes at a time?
    Is it faster?
    What’s the big whoop?

  8. Hmm,

    Supposedly my new washer uses half the water and half the power. And it definitely spins the clothes much drier so that should mean that our clothes dryer will be done faster and save power that way too.


    My kids usually do the laundry. My 4 boys (ages 9, 9, 13, and 16) each toss in one load per day. They sort from the dryer straight into 8 baskets. We have one basket for each bedroom, one basket for socks and another big basket for towels and linens. There is also a hanging rod for hang-up items, which we try to catch straight out of the hot dryer, since I lack the ironing gene.

    We wash 4 loads a day but we only fold clothes twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The kids each fold their own (except for the 3 year old), and various bigger kids sort socks and fold towels and linens. Our system works pretty well because in between folding days, kids know which basket to check if they’re missing their favorite jeans or whatever.

  9. Went hunting, killed it and drug it home to Mama. Good man!

  10. I love me a man who takes charge of the situation.

  11. Front Load machine needs High Efficiency detergent, so be sure the label specifically says so.
    I have to use TIDE HE fragrance free, but not dollar free (on sale is $10.99).
    The jug goes on forever though, since a couple tablespoons per load is enough.

    Does your husband have a twin brother? my sister is available…


    Crappy little top loading pieces of crap.

    Oh, hello by the way. I’m not sure how I surfed my way over here, but I’ll be back :>

  13. Well, CRUD. I mean I’LL be back.

  14. multi-taskingmom says:

    For those who lack the ironing gene…a few spritzes of water and a tumble in the drying for a few mins works wonders on those clothes that should have been hung up warm from the dryer but weren’t.

    Not that that ever happens around here though 🙂

  15. Oh, ironing is something I do around once a year…haha…I usually use Downy wrinkle release or stick it in the dryer with a damp towel or hang the clothing in the bathroom while I shower ((steam releases wrinkles)). Those solutions usually work pretty well.

    I’m glad you got your washer! It sounds amazing!

  16. Well, looks like you got a system all worked out. Mind doing my laundry too? That’d be proper. I mean, sounds like you have a pretty awesome washer. Beats the heck out of the laundry mat.

  17. Thanks for the info—I like the idea of less power and less water, considering the amount of laundry I do…

    WOW—you pat those kids on the back. & Good parenting!
    Somehow my husband managed to make it through childhood, teenagehood, college, and all of his adult life to date without doing as much cumulative laundry as your kids do in one week!
    (but he’s still my guy, and luckily is married to a pretty reliable laundress, if I say so myself)

  18. In November I got an LG steam washer and dryer pair. Heavenly! Yes, we large families age our washers and dryers quite quickly! 🙂

  19. Oyster (dh) works for Whirlpool… so thanks for putting food on our table, by your purchase! We both appreciate it.


    One in the Body~ Pearl

  20. Congrats! I was literally giddy every time I did laundry for months after getting my new one. And I LOVE a clean laundry room – I just organized mine on Saturday. 🙂

    Plus kudos to John, because you can’t beat Costco’s return policy (not that you will need to use it).

  21. I was really excited about my new front loader when I got it too. Very fun! I hope you got caught up on your laundry, if that is possible…

  22. I have 3-5 kids at any given time… I can only imagine how fast your laundry gathers when mine comes on faster than I know what to do with. My autistic step son goes through, 3-4 outfits a day because “something” gets on them… LOL!

  23. SO love our front loader! Trust me, as a Mom of 10, we do TONS of laundry! So glad you got a good one! Makes all the difference!