almost forgot — more craftiness

Here’s what I made started while my kids were hard at work on their snowflakes. I got the idea from Jenni at One Thing, and (when I finally finished it 3 days later) I was pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, and on another craft-copying note, remember the Robinznest candied nuts recipe that I mentioned awhile back? I made it (using 10 lbs of almonds!!) and it turned out wonderful. My family and I highly recommend it. The younger kids were disappointed to learn that I planned to give at least half of that sweet goodness away. I reminded them that a sure sign of a good gift is if you’re tempted to keep it yourself.

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  1. Very cute! Did you use paper on the letters? That’s similar to what I did for “Emma’s” letters in her room, and I love it.

  2. OK, how CUTE is that?! Love it and may have to try it myself…

  3. That is so cute!

  4. That is a sure sign of a good gift – I’m going to have to remember to tell my kids that! 🙂

  5. I’ve got to know how you did that! That’s adorable 🙂

  6. That’s beautiful! Great job!!!! And the nuts sound so YUMMY!!!!

  7. oh my, we make these nuts… just did 4 lbs yesterday… amazing!

  8. Very cute! I am so impressed that a mom of 10 can find time to craft. What a great example you are to your children. There’s always time to do something fun!!

  9. Beautiful job, Mary! Is it working? Do you have snow?