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  1. She is such a beautiful, happy-looking girl.

    She reminds me of my Talley.

  2. Honest to pete, I just sat here and stared at her. She is going to be SUCH a heartbreaker when she gets older! And she’s such a doll now, I don’t see how you can keep from hugging her all day long….


  4. Wow, she’s gorgeous! are her nails sparkly yet? 🙂

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! Many Years!

  6. Happy birthday, little one! You’re a beautiful blessing.

    (Our girls look especially pretty in bright pink, don’t they?)

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  8. Oh Mary, she is a darling. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with all your sweet family.

  9. What a little sweetheart! Many blessings on her and your whole family!

  10. She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  11. She is so precious! I love the purple glitter nailpolish. I loved that when I was little too. 🙂

  12. Oh man! She’s SO beautiful!!!! And her hair looks SO good!!!! : ) Keziah’s b-day is Friday! They are SO close in age, so fun! : )

  13. Oh, she is so so beautiful. I hope she has a wonderful new year!

  14. I showed my Sarah these pictures of her fellow Ethiopian 3 year old. She said, “Oh! She’s my friend! Can she come over?!”

    Whatdya’ think? Playdate tomorrow? ; )

  15. She is the most beautiful little girl… Blessings!

  16. How gorgeous :). I just bought my 4 year old some of that ‘Cars’ crayola paper last week- small world! (We are in Australia)

  17. Sweet smiles.


  18. What a luminous little girl! Great photos.

  19. What a beautiful little girl. I loved the pink frosting on the cake, my girls would think that was fantastic!!

  20. Very cute! She’s so happy!

  21. Cute!

    Happy Birthday!!

  22. Joy-filled!