Maybe I fed a fairy

I scored a vocab level of 43 and donated 200 grains of rice here. How about you?

(Update: After posting this I had to go back for more. Ended up donating 1100 grains of rice total and STILL could not stay higher than a 43, though for a brief moment around 500 grains I was up to a 44. If you like words like I do, you’ll have to try this….)

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  1. I could never quite make it to 40. But I donated about 600 grains of rice. woo hoo! Great site.

  2. Pretty cool! I only got to 40 and now have forgotten how many grains. This will be a great site for my teens preparing for the SAT’s .

  3. p.s. And I learned the coolest word – hemidemisemiquaver – even got the definition right!

  4. How fun!! I donated 400 grains, but couldn’t get my vocab level above 34. I will play more tomorrow!! Thanks for showing us this. I love words as well! My favorite game is Text Twist. I even have it on my cell phone. 🙂


  5. Gee thanks, Mary. I have spent the past hour and a half on this thing. Then Mother walked by, and I always did say she should be a lexicographer. Together we got to level 50, and it does not go any higher. 1030 rice grains, and the 5 years of Latin at school helped. Not to mention that mother has a Masters degree in English. And she is 82 and a crossword fanatic. And now she wants me to get out of the way so she can play. Grrrrr. Think about the rice, Linds, the rice……

  6. And can I just add that some were random guesses and they worked!

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Mary! How fun! Can’t wait to share this with my son (and husband)–They’ll both love it 🙂

  8. 13 minutes, 1780 , level 43. Go,me!
    This is a lot of fun…

    Is there a limit?
    Is this for real?

  9. I loved your title!
    Maybe I fed a little fairy couple and their tiny baby!

  10. OK, 2500 grains so far today, but I can’t get above a 42. Bummer. I figure, no matter how intelligent you are, you have ten kids. I only have two (and the one growing in tehre now), so I should be able to get up there, right? Wait, they do say pregnancy decreses your IQ by at least 10 points. Blast!

  11. Heather, it’s true!

    It’s commonly called “placental shunting” by us L&D nurses….all the mom’s brain cells are diverted by the growing baby!

  12. christine Masloske says:

    That brain-sucking thing actually has a NAME????

    Love in Christ from a brain-sucked homeschool mom of 6!!!

  13. 1750 grains of rice and 15 minutes later…thanks! That truly was a lot of fun.

  14. I’ve seen this all over the place lately after my DP introduced me to it last week. This is fabulous, and I’ve truly enjoyed re-directing my time to send around 2000+ grains of rice. Very fun.

  15. Too fun! I only got to level 40 and 1180. must stop. laundry to fold. must stop. 🙂

  16. I did encounter one strange one:

    “Enormity” was the word, and the choices were:
    – prostitute
    – delicacy
    – counterfeiter
    – wickedness

  17. I have looked it up.

    I thought it could only mean “huge” or “vast” but apparently it also speaks to something’s heinousness as well.

    So the answer was “wickedness.”

  18. So fun and addictive. Somewhere past 1000 grains of rice, I hit 50 and then panicked and stopped. But now I’m itching to go back for more…

  19. Got to level 47 and donated 1100 grains. I’m determined to get to 50! I knew I should have taken Latin in high school. This is one I’ll be sending to friends.

  20. Very fun . . . but I HAVE to get something done today!!!

  21. Donated 650 grains of rice and got to level 42. [:-)


  22. aspecialfamily says:

    I am very happy, I donated 1380 and got to 50! Yippee!
    I’ll have to do a post on this one, what a great way for people to help out!

  23. Very addicting, never should have looked at this at work, but when I get home…

  24. Okay, I am not as vocabulary gifted as many of you! I was answering quick and did not pay attention to my level or try really hard on the ones I did not know. I kept thinking that it would make me stop and say I am done but it didn’t! So while my levels were in the 30’s, I am proud to say that I donated 4000 grains of rice!!