The upside…

… of a tiring day last week was that when Eldest heard the frazzled tone in my email, she sent me FLOWERS! I have a kid old enough to send me flowers! How cool is that?

Thanks, Eldest! As always, you light up my life.

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  1. How is that possible? You’re only 29?

  2. Multi-taskingmom says:

    Mary how does this happen! My eldest just emailed to remind me that he needs the list of relatives to send wedding invitations to. EEEK not only is he old enough to get married, he’s now reminding me of things.

    How nice that your daughter sent you flowers – your family is special in more ways than one.

  3. And you have a kid who’s considerate enough to send you flowers – now that rocks! 🙂

  4. Ya done good, Mary!!

  5. How cool! Did she chop her hair? It looks great!

  6. HER HAIR!!!! IT’S CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hair I was so envious of. The hair I idolized! ((sigh))

    It’s looks tremendously wonderful tho! Very very cute!!

  7. That is so sweet!!! Very thoughtful!

  8. What a sweet and thoughtful daughter. You are truly blessed.

    I do agree, you don’t look old enough to have a daughter sending you flowers.

  9. How sweet! Beautiful inside and out!

    (I actually, for a moment, thought that was you in the picture!)

  10. I was certain it was you too, until I read the comments!

  11. that is so sweet you honored her in this way! as the eldest in my family compliments from mom mean the world!

  12. What a lovely photo.

  13. i love it and i love her cute haircut! she looks so much like her mom. and your youngest is THE most ADORABLE in this picture. (as always!) xo

  14. Oh shewt, that is just the nicest thing. What a thoughtful, considerate and giving young lady she is. I wonder who she learned that from…. :o*

  15. Isn’t it wonderful when we see our kids growing up!?