Idea Saturday

Our Thankful Tree.

How do you help your children be thankful?

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  1. We do a thankful tree, too! Ours is placed in a black “pilgrim’s hat” turned upside-down, which I made years ago out of a cardboard flowerpot. It’s not as pretty as yours, though, because we’ve been using leaves cut out of “foamy” in fall colors. I think we’ll have to use prettier or colored paper like yours.

  2. We do a very similar thing as well! We painted a tree on paper, taped it to the wall and now whenever we are thankful for something (because my kids are little they are happy to do many a day) they get to GLUE (oh they think it’s just fantastic!) a leaf to the tree. Also for about a year we’ve each been saying something we’re thankful for during our bedtime routine.

  3. This is a wonderful idea! It is so important to be thankful, and when my son is old enough I will try this out!!

  4. At lunch, we have started to pray for children in specific cities and countries around the world who don’t have food, clothes, or even moms and dads. It’s helped not only my little girls to realize how blessed we are for both “stuff” and family, but it has helped me to realign my heart as well.

  5. I have never heard of a thankful tree, but that is a marvelous idea that I am hereby stealing.

    We try to teach Sean to be thankful by being thankful. We say prayers of thanks before meals and we talk about being thankful and grateful — how lucky we are not to have to worry about having enough to eat, that we have a house, that we have family and friends, that we are safe.

  6. Oh my! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have a “baby” tree that died. It was in our yard happy and alive one minute and dead and fallen the next . . . so I brought it into the garage and told Handsome that I was going to do something with it. Didn’t know what, but I figured it would come to me. THIS is it! Thanks!

  7. Your tree is lovely!!

    We usually have a little group of homeschoolers over to do “pilgrim-y” things (like churning our own butter) in November. We take time to talk about the things for which we give thanks. But I love your tree idea and will certainly be doing that, too!!

  8. We have done a thankful tree in the past. Hard to believe it’s already that time again!

  9. CanadianCarrie says:

    Ha, I’m Canadian, and it just occurred to me after reading your comments, that this was for ‘Thanksgiving’. We already had ours in October, so it wasn’t even on my mind!!
    This is an excellent idea though, I have been wanting to start a daily thanks idea with my kids, now I am motivated, Thank You!!

  10. In my family, rather than saying grace before dinner we would go around the table and each say something that we were thankful for. Whether my mom was thankful for one of us kids making dinner or I was thankful for a raise at work or my sister was thankful for her dog learning a new trick… It really helped us all be… well, thankful!

  11. As usual, an awesome idea! Thanks Mary! Delaney would LOVE this! 🙂


  12. Thank you for the great idea!! I decided to do this for our centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, and have all the guests fill out a leaf passed around by our kids…

    Following a large windstorm, I sent them out to find a branch. They obliged, and brought in a 6 footer…. so it stood in the corner in the big turkey fryer pot :).

    I meant to link back here so you people knew where I got the idea, and so you could see ours… but… well, time gets away. Anyways. Here’s the link if you want to peek it ours. It looks a little bare. It was the beginning of the day. 🙂

  13. I left a comment but it kind of disappeared, I think.

    I just wanted you to see our Thanksgiving tree inspired by yours. Here is the link: