It only took 49 pictures– and one ‘head transplant’. The 2 year old was looking down in this shot but looked great in the previous one (including the same cute arm-cross), so my 15 year old did a bit of photoshopping to produce this ‘perfect’ picture!

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  1. Gorgeous family!!!

  2. What an awesome picture!

  3. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing :).

  4. breathtaking photo – dreamy!!!

  5. AMAZING! We have 3 kids, and we can’t do it! AMAZING!

  6. Wow Mary, what a fantastic photo!! You are indeed blessed!
    Ps. 127:3-5!

  7. Multi-taskingmom says:


  8. How inspiring!

  9. Fabulous photo!!!!!!

  10. Indeed a perfect picture!

  11. Gorgeous. What a blessing God has provided!

  12. Yippee!
    Congrats to 15 year old who performed the magic…you can not even tell. Amazing.

  13. Mary, it turned out great! Good work 15yo! 🙂 You all look gorgeous.

  14. THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! And I really like your hair like it is. Maybe think about short hair with long layers. That is what I have and I really like it.

  15. I love how you all match! Perfect!

  16. Great photo and how fun to finally see the whole family! Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. What a beautiful family! You must feel blessed every day!!

  18. What a goregous picture!! Thank heaven for digital is what I always think when tryiing to get a picture of all of us! – Jill

  19. Picture perfect!!

    I don’t know how you managed it – I have trouble with 7!

  20. What a gorgeous family! I especially love your little one with her arms folded! 😉

  21. What a beautiful family!

  22. Mary,
    I LOVE this picture! My family only has 4 kids and we can’t seem to get a nice picture. I can’t imagine 10, especially when one is a 2-year-old. I always think it’s funny to view all of the photos in this kind of a shoot in progression. It makes all of the kids laugh when they see how just one of them can mess up the whole photo! 🙂

  23. Wow!! That is one beautiful family! This is picture of the year!

  24. That turned out great! I know how hard it is to get all the kids to look good at the same time. We have one kid that if he doesn’t look like he is on drugs it is just not him, lol. He always looks that way in pictures.

  25. you have a gorgeous family 🙂