yard sale

can you believe…. $23 total for all that stuff!


Those coats were 25 CENTS each. Can you believe it? (One has a broken zipper with intact velcro, but the others were spotless.)

The brand new shoes were $3. And a bunch of other stuff was 25 cents each. A good use for 3 hours of zipping around town, I’d say…..

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  1. Multi-taskingmom says:

    WOW….that’s all I can say WOW!

  2. Jealous. Totally.

  3. My guess was totally off once again! You are the bargain queen, Mary!

  4. $23??? WOW!

  5. So you think I would recoup my costs flying over to the US to go yard sale-ing with you?

  6. Wow, that is a great deal! I wish I could find deals like that.

  7. triple wow wow wow

  8. Hey Mary…I have a question for you…

    What do you think about what I’ll call the “trickle-down economics” of thrift and yard sale shopping? My meaning is this: should Mrs. Jones with 2 children and a 6-figure household income shop resale and thrift because she wants to be a good steward and a frugal homemaker? Or is her shopping resale and thrift selfishly taking inventory from Mrs. Smith who is clothing 7 children on a small family-business venture?

    Does Mrs. Jones have an ethical dilemma in buying up inventory as well as holding back inventory by not using her means to buy retail?

    Or maybe there’s plenty to go around and all is fair in love, war and resale! 😉

  9. Some days the sales are good, others the sales are REALLY GOOD! Nice finds.

  10. You don’t want to miss a really FANTASTIC & HUGE – Yard / Bake Sale next SUNDAY, 10/21/07, at 555 Hemlock Circle, Atlanta, GA 30316, from 8:00am to 4:00pm. New & gently worn clothing, shoes, jewelry, house wares, “from scratch” cake, cookies, and pies.

    For more information call 770-473-0845.

  11. We can beat you for once 😉 Well, maybe. Our church’s school had a huge rummage sale/fundraiser, and the woman doing the pricing was someone who wanted to help us out. I can’t even remember all that we got–2 pairs of shoes for me, 2 pairs of rollerblades, 2 bikes, Dansk settings for 6-8 (i.e. not quite complete but close), 5 extra white dinner plates, 2 vases, stuffed animals and toys and a couple of long-sleeved tshirts, 6 Christmas napkins, several big bowls, a cheese grater, etc–all for $27! Not bad, eh?