One last yard sale picture for the year

OK, here’s the haul from our last yard sale session.

3 winter coats
1 pair of new boots
2 bike helmets
1 nice backpack
2 videos
a bunch of school books
3 pie pans
1 bed sheet
16 shirts
2 pairs of PJ’s
5 pairs of pants
a bunch of beads
a stuffed animal
a hat

Care to guess how much we spent?

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  1. 42.25

  2. $63?

    I stumbled upon your blog and love it! I added you to my blogroll this week. Blessings!

  3. $47.50 🙂

  4. $53?
    You are my yard-sale hero!

  5. Okay, last time I lowballed my guess by a large margin, so this time I am going to say $38.75.

  6. $42. Isn’t that the answer to everything?

  7. $53

  8. $35

  9. I swear people in AZ don’t have a clue how to put up a good yard sale. We get nothing but broken nicknacks to choose from. Sigh.

    I’ll say 47.00

  10. Hmm, quiet a good haul. I will say $37.50.

  11. $43.50

  12. $38.75. I feel like we are playing the price is right! LOL

  13. $61

    I wish I had the patience for garage sales. You always get lots of good stuff!

  14. $54.00

  15. I’ll say $59.00. :o)

  16. $41

  17. I’ll say $57.75 Bob!! I mean Drew!! I mean Mary!

  18. 29.50

  19. Love doing this . . . $44.75.

  20. Waa. I was going to say what the Domestic Goddess said! Honestly I have no idea whatsoever, now that the Aussie dollar is edging up to the American dollar I am even more confused than ever.

    But a fantastic haul you have there.

    Those boots look like they still have their tags on!

  21. My guess is $31.00 cause its the end of garage sale season and you deserve a great bargain(s) 🙂

  22. Marsha (Multi-taskingmom) says:

    I’ll say $53.95….wow what a haul. Garage sales around here are mostly broken stuff or stuff nobody would wear.

  23. 52.00

  24. $63.75

  25. $36.25

  26. I’m guessing $51.00 🙂

  27. $6. I’ll go for the “church bag sale” theory.

  28. 32.00

  29. $26.53

  30. $36

  31. $39

  32. $30

    If you need stuff I’ll send it to you free. I have a kids size sleeping bag that I’m trying to get rid of. It’s generic—blue/yellow.

  33. hmmm…last time I was way off. So this time I will aim higher…$59.00. I am sad that garage sale season is coming to an end.

  34. $42.50

  35. $8.75….you seem to be a savvy shopper!

  36. Great haul, but be very careful buying bike helmets at yard sales. Sometimes after a crash they can be damamged with no external evidence.