A truly great English sentence

One of my daughters who arrived home in August, came in from the garage this afternoon rubbing her shin and wincing. “That black car is kicking me!” she exclaimed.

Turns out she’d just run into the trailer hitch on the back of our van.

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  1. How sweet is that. I bet you are having so much fun as they are learning more and more english. Enjoy!

  2. Cute, cute, cute.

  3. So funny! But also sounds like she’s learning the new language FAST. Yay!

  4. I have been thinking as I listen to my 2-year-old string sentences together (“I don’t want it my blue dress”) that I will probably sound much like her when I attempt to speak my Russian!

    I wish I could learn as fast as these adopted kids seem to! Sounds like she’s doing great!

  5. I found your blog yesterday and am LOVING it. It’s going on my blogroll today.
    I am wondering… Is your Owlhaven page header (with the kids climbing around) custom? I’d love something similar.

  6. So cute!!

  7. Mikaila,

    Click on the ‘Everyday Design’ link in my sidebar and you will get to Jules, the person who designed my header. She did an awesome job and I love it.


  8. Marsha (Multi-taskingmom) says:

    Mary thank you for sharing your pantry pic.


  9. I love that – it reminds me of the time my daughter was leaning over the electric fence to pet a calf. When the fence got her she looked up startled and said “that baby cow bit me!!!” Keep on blogging you wonderful woman you.

  10. Oh that’s cute!

    My dh drops a few gems like that still. Personally, I think sometimes his English makes more sense than what I learned in school. 🙂