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Isaiah 40:31

Opinion Saturday: what about electronics?

Last Saturday’s request for recipes produced several yummy-sounding ones. I’m giving the Golden Keyboard this week to Beth for her recipe for Crockpot Chicken Tacos. Thanks, Beth!

This week I’d love to hear about portable electronic devices in your family. Do your kids have Gameboys or other hand-held games? Why or why not? If yes, do you limit the time spent on them? What about CD players/ personal mp3 players with headphones? How old do kids have to be before they have their own tunes? Do you let kids use them whenever they want, or do you limit them to certain times of day? DO you monitor what they listen to?

You have all week to share your family philosophy on personal electronic equipment. Explain your rules and why they work for your family. The person with the most well-expressed opinion wins the Golden Keyboard next Saturday! So come on, hit me with your best thought.

Running out the door

… to go yard-saling again this AM, but I do have a real post up over at my adoption blog if you’re interested.

Back later.

The real price of all that yard sale stuff

$41, people. Not nearly as cheap as many of you thought, but still, I am very pleased, especially considering I got lots of name brand excellent quality goodies. The winner is Andrea, who guessed $42. I will be sending her a copy of the book I reviewed last week “Logged on and Tuned Out”. So email me your address, Andrea, OK? It was fun to hear everyone’s guesses!

Children who wait

Our daughters have a good friend in Ethiopia. Her name is Tsion and she has been waiting at the AAI child care center for over a year now. She is starting to feel discouraged, wondering if she will ever get a family. She is 13 years old and she has three siblings, you see– a 10 year old sister, and brothers who are 5 and 6 years old.

When people think about adoption, most don’t think of older kids, and even fewer think of adopting four kids at once. However, I know that God has a plan for this girl’s life, and I am praying that His plan includes a family for these precious kids. Would you join me in praying that these children will get a family of their own very soon? No child should have to grow up without a family.

Yard sale booty

After yard-saling all morning last Friday, our new 9 year old from Ethiopia declared that we should ‘no go to big stores again’.

Care to guess what we paid for all this loot? (We got 10 shirts, 4 pair shoes, 5 pair shorts, 3 pair wind pants, 6 pair jeans, 1 pair skates, 2 bags, 3 jackets, 1 slip, 1 baseball cap, 1 set costume jewelry, 1 formal dress). I’ll give a prize to the person who guesses closest…..

Apple basket- day 5

Scenes from today

–Watching a certain child who shall not be named take 40 minutes to write two sentences. During which time I listened to another child read, assisted with 5 math problems, and canned 5 quarts of tomatoes. Smiling serenely in an attempt to keep my head from exploding at the sheer stubbornness of the child. And in the end prevailing, and kissing the kid on the forehead.

–Sitting in the warm pool at the rec center watching as kid after kid shouts, “Mom, look what I can do! Look! Look!” Laughing at the energy and the smiles and the splashes. And occasionally stopping to blink frantically to keep my contact lenses from falling out.

–Seeing two kids come triumphantly in from the van bearing a bag of Dove chocolate. Chocolate that their Dad had bought and hidden away just for me after watching the morning’s school session. Listening to the kids clamor for chocolate, and giving them some. Reeses’. Not my Dove.


Isaiah 32: 17-18

Opinion Saturday

Your party ideas were great! Thanks so much! The winner of the VIP Award this week goes to Noodle of Thoughts from My Noodle. I loved her idea of asking guests to come prepared to participate in a talent show. You can read more about it here. Thanks, Noodle!

I have a food question for you today: if you were being sent to a desert island for a months’ vacation, and had to choose just a few meals to bring with you, which one meal would absolutely for sure be on your list of gotta-have dishes? If you’d share the recipe (perhaps on your own blog?) that would be even more fun! You have all week to share your favorite dish, and the most interesting dish will win my Very Interesting Person (Food?) Award next Saturday.