Happy 21st Anniversary…

… to my man!! You are awesome!!

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  1. lol for any reason, or just because he is! You are very blessed to have found your soul mate and such a supportive husband!
    Lovely picture!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your dear husband Mary. I pray that you’ll have many, many, many more happy years together!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, guys. You should write a book! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary! Ours is Monday!! 13 years!

  6. AW! *HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!* (((((HUGS)))))) sandi

  7. Wishing you a beautiful day, and many more happy years…

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. happy anniversary!!!

    Here’s to at least 21 more! 🙂

  9. Happy anniversary…continue to walk in joy together!

    *we just celebrated 21 too! (Aug. 9th)

  10. Happy Anniversary and Many Years to the two of you! I hope you get to sneak away for a date night!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you! May the happy adventure continue for many more years!


    You got me beat by a couple 🙂

  13. How wonderful to celebrate your anniversary with all your precious children home. Hope it’s a wonderful one. Many blessed happy returns of the day.

  14. You both are awesome!! Happiest of Anniversaries to you!!

    You beat DH and I by a mere 4 months…

  15. Oh, happy anniversary! We are at 10 and a half years.

  16. Wow, thats great. Happy Anniversary.

    I am so glad to see other couples still adding to their families after 20 plus years of marriage.

    Most of our friends just think we are crazy. We think we are blessed, just like you.

    Have a great weekend,

  17. Happy Anniversary to you both, Mary!!