… is the number of 9-year-olds we currently have in our house. Aren’t they just too cute?

And won’t we have fun when they’re all 16, and wanting to learn to drive at once? I’m already scheming about a one-new-driver-every-6-months staggered plan….

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  1. They are simply adorable!
    Staggered licenses sound ideal 🙂

  2. You are three times more blessed than most or should I say ten times more!
    They are beautiful – what a wonderful family you have and the kids are blessed to have such a special mom and dad.
    The world is a better place because of your amamzing family!

  3. In our church, a family did foster care until they decided to adopt the kids permanently.
    Yes, they had three 8 year olds at the same time, then going through Driver’s Ed, then graduation, and now at long last, in their Senior year of college (one is going on to become a pediatrician!).

    This is a positive experience that others before you have managed well, so I have confidence that you and John will also cope with quite nicely.

    I do agree with the commenter above about staggered license lessons and applications!

  4. Oh dear… you do think of the scariest things. Three new drivers at once??? I can’t even bear to think of my *one* future driver!!

  5. they are beautiful! Hard to believe that your little girl is taller than the boys…. she seems so tiny! It’s so fun to watch your family, and I’m sure that when they’re all 16, it’ll add some excitement to all of our lives 🙂

  6. I can’t access my own blog, so I thought I’d stop in to say “hi”. We’re still here in Ethiopia and doing well. Everyone at Layla has asked about your girls, and I should have letters to bring back for them. Biniam is great, full of energy and wearing me out! He and Brian are in Bahir Dar right now.


  7. Hannah said “who’s that in the middle” and I told her. She said “Ooo she’s pretty!!”

  8. So, so cute!! Yes, they will be 16 and driving… and maybe dating! How scary is that, huh? But so much fun! Looks like everyone is getting along just great. Happy for you!

  9. Thankfully, so far we’ve dodged the driving bullet. Whew!

    And, yes they are adorable!

  10. Martina Fahrner says:

    I would be more worried about the dating than the driving! Just think, 3 first loves and 3 broken hearts!

  11. Gorgeous kids! Love it!

  12. They really are beautiful, all three of them. Gosh.

    Yeah, the driving. TWO BOYS! Imagine the insurance costs. YEEP!

  13. What cute kids! They look like they are thinking of something very funny. Knowing nine-year-olds, they probably are!

  14. But they look so sweet and innocent — how could they ever do something so horrible as… want to drive? I’m sure they’ll just agree to only go places they can walk. And always take their sweaters too. 😉

  15. I am loving all of your pictures!!! What an astoudingly beautiful family you have.

    I was reading through a past issue of Wonder time magazine just now, it’s the Feb/March issue, and it has a beautiful article in it by Melissa Fay Greene about adopting their daughter Helen from the Ethiopian orphange Layla House! I didn’t know if you had heard about it or not, so I wanted to share. It was such a moving piece!

  16. Mary, they have stunning smiles! Hopefully, they will stay that way because three (or more) in braces isn’t too fun either, especially on the pocketbook!

  17. What happy kids…!

    My daughter only gets that smile when I have ice cream 🙁

  18. They are adorable! Can I squeeze them?!

  19. We have 19 children, and have several times where we will have overlapping ages. We have 2 8 yo, 3 7 yo and 1 6 yo, don’t envy that year! We currently have 18,17,16,16,15,14,13,13 year olds as my older ones. (obviously with 19 I have a few more too *grin)

    I have a list of “requirements” to get your license (where we live they start young! 14, 14.5 for a student permit although we homeschool). I also prioritize WHO is Needing a license. All of a sudden, one of the 16 year olds HAD to get a job. About 11 children ago, I made a silly deal – do not ever tell anyone outloud about mone` for a car!!! I mistakenly told some (the oldest was 12?) that if they saved up money for a car, I would match the first $500. Well, I don’t know your finances, although having paid for several adoption expenses and the general living bills for my tribe, I can guess that even if you do very well… you take 500 or 1000$ for each kiddo and multiply.

    Btw, I read your blog frequently, congrats on your new lambs! What blessings they look like.

  20. What about 3 graduations at once? LOL At least you could combine the open house, maybe it would be a money saver??
    The driving would be scarey, though. I have a hard enough time with one driving and one about to test for her liscense.