Weekend (last week?) update

When trying to figure out where the last five days went, maybe it would be quicker to list what we haven’t done….but perhaps it is a tad more descriptive to say what we have done. And it would certainly tell you why my blogging has been light lately.

Since Thursday we: had a picnic in the park, visited the Nature Center, processed a couple hundred ears of corn, went to the mountains and camped for two nights, took the new girls to the doctor for a check-up, introduced then to the joys of roasting hot dogs and making S’mores, played some mega-rounds of a card game called ‘Scum’, hiked for miles, played soccer, had a jump rope competition, and went fishing 3 separate times.

OK, suddenly I don’t feel bad about not having time to blog. I’m just wondering how we fit all that in!

Now, as promised, pictures.

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  1. I absolutely love the photo of all the kids carryign the little ones! What a perfect photo, Mary!

    I have been dyign to find out how the girls were doing, but have been away from the computer for the past 3 weeks. I will catch up with all the posts when I get back from NZ this weekend. The family looks SO happy!

  2. Oh, I love this last one!!!


  3. Wow, what a perfect family! Beautiful!

  4. Oooh, the “bigs” carrying the “littles” looks like a strong contender for the Christmas card photo!

  5. I came here to agree with Lauren–perfect Christmas card photo. If not this actual photo, maybe a reshoot closer to the holiday–they all look so scrumptious!

  6. That is the neatest pic!

  7. That is an awesome photo. 🙂

  8. I agree with Lauren – Christmas card photo!

    Sounds like you are having SO much fun!

  9. Oh! Sounds like so much fun!! I love to go camping. 🙂 We don’t have kids yet, but we always bring our dog!

    I’m a big fan of the game “scum” also. 🙂

  10. Overdose of beauty, here, Mary. You really ought to put a warning on these posts!!! *sigh*

  11. What a beautiful family! And your newest daughter in pink is absolutely stunning!!

    Looks like they are fitting into your family quite well!

  12. Oh my gosh…I LOVE LOVE LOVE that piggy back picture!!

  13. Seriously, You have one of the most beautiful families. All the smiles… it’s awesome to see you all together. Sounds like you’ve chosen the right things to do over the past week(s)…. it all sounds a LOT more fun than blogging! 🙂

  14. What fun! I would ask how they liked it, but I think the pictures make it pretty obvious!

  15. the picture on the bottom is Christmas card cute! Very fun, Congratulations on your lovely family being all together.

  16. I just love the last photo. I can not get a good photo of all my kids, and I only have 5.

  17. bloginmyeye says:

    They look SOOOOOOOO happy. I missed reading you, but I’m glad you were making those memories and not blogging. Thanks for sharing the pics. -e.

  18. Apparently America’s newest amusement park is Six Flags over Owlhaven! Whew! Good times.

    That piggy back picture is amazingly cute. How nice that the 5/5 division works out so that all 9 year olds are still up, and no one had to decide who was down, huh? 😉

  19. So glad you have been having some nice family time! 5 piggy back givers and 5 receivers – looks like a perfect sized family…now you just need to get one with your hubby and you too!

  20. Mary – it’s going so well with your two newest additions! Is it really as seamless and blissful as it looks? What an amazing first few weeks. I just get breathless when I see the pictures… their beautiful and SO CLEARLY AUTHENTIC smiles. GOD IS SO AMAZING! SO AMAZING! (And you aren’t so bad yourself.)

  21. Awesome photos! We’ve missed you. [:-)
    Love, Rachel

  22. Sounds like wonderful, busy fun! My favorite picture is the one of your new daughter eating a s’more. Simply for all that is implied with that photo.

  23. Just beautiful! I love all the big smiles.

  24. Wow, first off you must be exhausted!!!

    Secondly, the family looks beautiful. Great pictures.

  25. Love that last photo! Blessings overflowing. Thanks for sharing.

  26. That last one made me smile so big! How wonderful that you’re spending time with your new girls! It’s just gotta be amazing to have all those children in your care… you are truly blessed Mary!!

  27. These are fantastic! What a happy family!

  28. All wonderful!

  29. Such a beautiful family!! Glad I found your blog! Very inspiring!

  30. Love the game Scum…good times.
    That last picture is a treasure.