In case you’ve ever wondered, if any of your children (for example, two fresh-from-Ethiopia grade-schoolers) ever decide to call 911 just for fun — twice — and hang up both times — the sheriff WILL be coming to your house.

He’ll stand in the entryway looking around to make sure everyone looks ok. And as you nervously giggle and try to explain what happened, your face will turn red and your voice will seem overly hearty (suspiciously so??) and the new kids will hide behind their big brother, but the policeman will spot them anyway, and you’ll hope that (unlike you) he stayed good and stern while looking at them so they will NEVER do this again.

And after he finally goes, you will wonder how you got through 19 (and a half) years of parenting without anyone ever doing this.

Until now.

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  1. *snort*

  2. You have to admit, it’s a funny concept for a child to learn! lol sounds like a pretty good scientific experiment! lol
    Let’s hope this is the last time the sheriff has to come to your house because of the kids!
    Laughing hysterically over here!!

  3. Oh boy!!!

  4. This happened to me twice. Once when my boys were little. The police officer did come to the house, but I think that is because we went outside immediately afterwards and there wasn’t anyone inside to hear the phone. We also lived next door to a (different) police officer who was also outside at the time and I could see the one on duty trying to ask surreptitiously if we were “good” people.
    Fast forward to a different house—the boys in school and another little one—she called them twice, but not on the same day. They only called and when I appologized the officer told me that it was the nicest call he’d had all day.
    Someone told me, don’t know whether it’s true, that on some phones there is a button that you can push that dials them without having to do all three digits.

  5. And they are super-fast! It happened to me once, when I was an AuPair in Wisconsin. The 5-year-old had just been visiting the fire station the day before and figured, she could see those guys again by calling… Thankfully, they were really really nice to a crying 5-year-old girl and a stumbling and embarrased 20-year-old from Germany…

  6. I also learned this the hard way. If someone/anyone dials 911 from your house for any reason, even if you tell them “ooops!” they are required to come to your house. The worst part is all then neighbors gathered at the end of your driveway.

  7. Well, check that experience off of your parenting List!

    Think about it all from their perspective… What a strange and interesting place America is…

  8. I think this really shows the novelties we take for granted. I am sure as they explore their new world you will not be lacking for blog material.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have yet to experience it for myself but I am sure I can get along just fine with out the experience. That’s why I read blogs so I can live life vicariously through other’s lives.

  9. sincerelyanna says:

    Ha ha! Hope your neighbors don’t get mad if a pizza guy shows up with 10 pepperoni pizzas or if someone gets asked “is your refrigerator running?”

    Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

  10. When our oldest was 4 yrs old he came downstairs and told me the “911 lady would call me back.” My response was “You didn’t call 911 did you?” He said yes and when I asked him why, he explained he really wanted a scooter for Christmas. He must have felt it was an emergency. Unfortunately, the 911 operator didn’t really laugh at the time when I explained it.

  11. Too stinkin funny!

  12. My nephew did this and his parents were so mad they had convinced him the police officer was going to haul him off to jail. He never did it again. (He was old enough to know better, he thought he was being funny.)

  13. Ha! Great story! Is it a little scary to think about what else you’ve never been through despite all your years of parenting?

  14. It’s much easier to explain when one of your kids dials 911 than when your HUSBAND dials 911! Yup! Mine thought he was speed dialing voice mail on our phone. What? Remember that has me shaking my head again! LOL!

  15. the things you don’t think about, huh? 🙂

  16. Sounds like your new daughters have some mischievousness (sp?) about them?? How adorable!!

  17. I was that child that did this to her mother when she was younger. She was in the shower, and I saw it as PRIME opportunity to be disobident……..let’s just say after the cops and my mom got ahold of me never again!

  18. Tee hee.

    I’m sorry.

  19. My sister did this to me when I babysat her… I was none too pleased, and as I recall, neither was my mother.

  20. When I worked in a daycare center, the fire alarms went off 9 times during the month of October. Nobody had pulled the red handles, and being a responsible place, we hauled all 106 children outdoors every time the warning sounded.

    The firemen also were obligated to respond, all 9 times.

    There was mention of financial costs and waste of time from the fire chief, so finally, the Director had a good enough reason to pester Corporate to come through with the funds to have the alarm system upgraded.

    What was found was a spider living in the central control box in the attic.

  21. Cynthia Coffey says:

    check out this 911 call, it could be worse!

  22. Kris Long says:

    Mary, our Ethiopian son did this TWICE too, when he first came home. Do you know that we think he was trying to call home?? The country code to Ethiopia is 911 – and we discovered him holding a phone number that he came home with.

    Oh, he also pulled the fire alarm at church and we had to evacuate the place. Terrible.

  23. Ah, now they know what happens! 🙂 My son did this when he was very little. He used to like to carry the cordless phone around, and I didn’t know he could accidentally call 911 — I’d thought the odds were way too slim! And yes, the police came and peeked in our windows, then wanted to see the inside of the house just in case. Mortifying. 😉

  24. I thought maybe I was the only one whose husband had called…nope, apparently not.
    Mine meant to call 411 and immediately hung up when he realized his mistake, dialed 411 and got the phone number he was after. He hung up, the phone rang and I answered. The operator asked if everything was ok and why someone had dialed 911. I had no idea! Then I figured it out, told her and thought, “This does seem like a lame excuse, doesn’t it?” But, I must have been convincing because no one came to check.
    What a story to tell, Mary…it will only get funnier with time.
    And, what beautiful kids you have…all 10 of them!

  25. Okay, so rude, but I snorted, snorted out loud, with amusement. Your children are lovely. And bound to give you many opportunities to laugh.


  26. I’m loving your new daughters. May I introduce them to my boys? I think they’d get along very nicely.

    This is just too funny. How did you not just cackle loudly in front of the officer?

  27. The more kids I have, the more new things they come up with! Keeps life interesting!

  28. Oh my goodness! I’ve been behind in the blogosphere – so glad I finally got around to catching up here. What riot! =)

  29. *giggles*