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Thanks for the ideas…

for the good preschool TV. I’m giving the Golden Keyboard this week to Jenn of Red Thread Road for all her helpful ideas. Thanks, everyone, for participating!!

Where should kids be?

After this heads-up from Chris, I went to read this ABC News story about the Edwards family taking their kids on the campaign trail.

Here’s my take: my husband and I dislike the type of invitations that say, ‘no children, please.’ Our children are the center of our life, and we get bent out of shape when people make it clear that our kids aren’t welcome. Oh, we go on an occasional date on our own. We’ve had dinner at friends’ homes now and then without children. And we treasure our quiet time in the evening after kids finally go to bed. But we prefer to spend most of our lives with our children. (And to tell the truth, most friends know that about us and do not invite us places without our kids.)

I am certain that if we were in the shoes of the Edwards family, we would rent the biggest tour bus you ever saw and show the kids America, homeschooling all the way. If a tour like that was done thoughtfully, at a reasonable pace, and with respect for children’s needs, a family could make some realy nice memories. Whether or not I agree with the politics of the Edwards family, I most certainly understand and respect their choice to keep their family together.

Every day

I saw an interesting meme at One Thing, who got it from Ann Kroeker. The task is to paraphrase the following quote to personalize it for yourself. Here’s the original:

“One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.”

And here’s the Owlhaven remake:

“One ought, every day at least, to hug every loved one in reach, sing one praise song at the top of your lungs, eat one square of really good chocolate, and if it is possible, bring a smile to the face of someone who needs it.”

Let me know if you decide to try this too. I thought it was fun!

Works for Me

Just a quick Works for Me this week– sorry if it is a repeat, but chances are, some people have not heard this tip. This morning I canned 23 quarts of tomatoes in less than two hours. Yes, I had plenty of help, but what saves the most time is the way I handle the tomatoes.

When canning tomatoes for spaghetti sauce, it is not necessary to blanch each tomato, laboriously remove every skin and then carefully pack pieces into jars. Once I’ve cut tops off my tomatoes, I simply quarter them and run them through the blender to make a puree. I then heat the puree to a simmer, and pour into jars. Easy!! When you open the jar to make sauce, thicken it with a can of tomato paste or a spaghetti seasoning packet.

Quick tomato canning– works for me!

Click here…

to read about a really cool gadget. (maybe even win it?) Wow, I could use this thing!

And speaking of printing pictures, did y’all know that Walgreens will refill print cartridges for $10? ($15 for color?) I just found that out yesterday….


I am still blogging ‘light’ over here, peeps– sorry. This business of bringing in TWO kids at once has just kept me running! For the latest from the Owlhaven today, try my Ethiopia Adoption Blog. And don’t give up on me!

Bedbugs, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Backyardigans

I am woefully behind on my product reviews with the arrival of our two new kids. But I wanted to tell you what I thought of some kids DVD’s that were sent to me recently.

The first is a new series of shows called Bedbugs by Greenestuff Incorporated. I reviewed Volume One which featured The Lost Sock Adventure as well as two other shows. My younger kids were entertained by this and I thought it was fairly fun to watch as well.

The next video I watched was called Yo Gabba Gabba. It is produced by Nick Jr. The show I watched had a cameo of Elijah Woods dancing during one song. Other shows are also slated to feature some famous guest such as Biz Markie and Tony Hawk. The music is definitely the best part of this new series that made its debut last wee. But frankly, this DVD was so slow and silly that it drove me batty. Even my younger kids wandered off as I watched it. It moves to slowly and is too simplistic even for a two year old in my opinion. Sorry, Nick Jr., this one is definitely a thumbs down in my book.

The final DVD was my very favorite. My kids have always enjoyed Backyardigans (also by Nick Jr.)and this new hour-long movie called Super Secret Spy is really fun. It premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, September 17th, and in my opinion is very worth watching. Even my 9 year old boys enjoyed this one. We would definitely watch this one again!

So that’s my take on some of the new stuff out there for little kids lately. Please keep your ideas coming!


Photo by Eldest
Psalm 139:14

Opinion Saturday: preschool shows

This week for Opinion Saturday I’d love to hear what DVD’s and children’s shows you feel are worthwhile for preschoolers. I don’t let my kids watch tons of TV, and I like what they watch to be worthwhile. I’ve had a chance to review a few new kids shows lately and will soon be writing my impressions of several different shows– hopefully later today, so stay tuned. But first, let’s hear from you! You have until Tuesday evening to tell me which shows you and your children like best. The person who shares the most helpful information will get the Golden Keyboard Award. So hit me with your best thought!

Happy 21st Anniversary…

… to my man!! You are awesome!!