Rockin’ (losin’ my mind) Girl Blogger

I have been given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger by two people in the last week or two: by Rachel of Rachel’s Blatherings, and (here’s where the ‘losing my mind’ bit comes in) I forgot who else it was who gave me the award. ((SORRY!!) If it was you, please remind me. As our departure date comes close, more amd more of my mental clarity is disappearing. Pregnant brain, big time, I guess!! Anyway, thanks for the honor! I do appreciate it.

And here are my Rockin Girl Bloggers. Most of the people I’ve chosen are facing big stuff or doing brave things in their lives right now.

First is Beth of Walking Through Doors. She is going back to college this fall and I am so proud of her.

Second is Heather, of Especially Heather, who is undergoing treatment for brain cancer. If you visit her you are sure to be ministered to. Keep her in your prayers.

Third is my dear Kelli of Living in Grace who is also battling extreme illness with a cheerful spirit, and for whom I pray regularly.

Fourth is Julia, who probably doesn’t even know I exist, but for whom I have been praying for since last year. She has had a dozen miscarriages, and is now 13 weeks pregnant with genetically healthy twins. I am so very happy for her and am wishing her every good thing in life.

And finally, there’s Jewels from Eyes of Wonder. She also probably doesn’t know I exist, but I’ve just discovered her absolutely yummy old-fashioned blog and am so pleased each time there is a new post from her in bloglines.

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  1. What a sweet blog. And what an open heart and mind you have for sharing your home with so many children. Anyway, just wanted to give you a shout out.

  2. Thanks Mary!!!!!!!!