fresh from God

The five year old pipes up from the back of the van this morning: “Mommy, am I old?”

I chuckle. “No.”

“Am I new?”

I laugh and agree and suddenly am filled with an inexplicable tenderness towards this little person who in the grand scheme of things is indeed quite new. If I could remember more often just how new she is, I suspect I’d be a kinder, gentler momma.

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  1. I love that, and I needed it with my four little ‘new’ ones today 🙂

  2. I have had that exact same conversation with each of my kids. However, once I tell them that they are still new, they dispute it and say that they are only a little new and mostly old. Why is it that they want to grow up so fast?

  3. Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes. But aren’t we ALL new in one way or another? We all need to take a lesson from that.

  4. Well put! I should remember how new my kids are too. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Yes, great perspective Mary!


  6. very funny post.

  7. What a sweet story. As a homeschool mother of 3 I am in constant need of encouragement. Thanks for the great reminder!

  8. That is the most beautiful thing. I’m going to try and remember that, too.

  9. This is beautiful.

  10. Oh, I just love that!!

  11. Oh, so painfully true!